Tuesday, August 6, 2013

July Cooking Review

I was looking for a few good recipes to make this month but I wasn't sure what they were going to be when the month started.  This is not uncommon since I have been flying by the seat of my pants this summer and trying to fit in new recipes when I have a chance.  I have more time during the school year because I have a few hours of free time while my son is in preschool.  I don't know about you but I need to concentrate when I make new recipes.  The old ones are super easy for me to get "help" on but I like to pay more attention when trying something for the first time.

My main goal for the month was to clean out the freezer.  In order to do that, I decided that I would cut and dry all of the bread that I had in the freezer so that I could make more room and clean up what I already had so that after I cleaned out all of the ice build up, I would have a pretty freezer.  I started on that project first thing in the month because I wanted to clean the freezer before my husband went back to work.  I ended up with a bag and a half of cubed bread.  I already had two containers of breadcrumbs in the freezer so I thought that I would keep them for stuffing this time but get them ready in case I wanted to make them into breadcrumbs.

Then, I found a few other great recipes this month.  I found a recipe for honey beer bread which I thought sounded great because I had to use up some blueberry honey in the cupboard and my father left some beer here after his last visit.  I made three loaves in the first three weeks of the month!  I made sandwiches for my husband using it and I had toast with jelly on it in the morning.  It is a great bread with tons of uses if you make it past finishing it all in one sitting.

I needed a quick dessert for our BBQ and I decided on fluffy pudding.  I had made something like this in the past but it seemed like a great kid and adult dessert.  I had to figure out something when my son wanted pancakes and came up with something that my husband said needed to added to the notebook right away! 

We had a great month with new recipes and made a lot of the old stand bys!!  I hope that you try out a few and see what you think!!  I think that this was an extra tasty month so I hope that you enjoy some of these great recipes.  If you missed them the first time around, click on the name and it will take you to the original post so that you can get the recipe and step by step pictures.

****Update:  I added two recipes that I didn't realize that I made at the end of the month.  I guess that just tells you how my month goes that I wasn't sure when it ended and what I made.  I added them and I will make sure the link is updated when I get the posts up for the recipe!!!

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