Monday, August 5, 2013

Shredded Hash Brown

We love shredded hash browns!  I don't think that I could say that enough times and should stand on the roof top and tell everyone that they are so amazing.  Now, you don't just have to wait until you go out to a restaurant to get the shredded hash browns.

I got a deal on McCain Purely Potatoes and bought tons of them.  We had so many and we quickly learned that we could eat them for breakfast, lunch or dinner (or all of the above).  We finished them all and quickly resolved that we were going to make our own at home.  Then we got the urge to have them and I bought some more.  Way to hold strong!!  Of course, I highly recommend trying them because they are quickly addicting and can be used in my crock pot baked potato soup.

Tonight we finally changed the pattern and made them from scratch.  It was super easy to do since I have a bowl of potatoes sitting in my dark and dry basement waiting for their purpose.  It started with 15 pounds that I got on sale and it was quick to get used because I love potatoes!!

We started by peeling the potatoes.  My husband and I have a different peeler that we use.  Do you have a peeler that works for you?  We have a collection of peelers in our house that we spent time trying to find the best one for both of us.  But now peeling is an easy task.

I got to use the grater to cut the potatoes.  Use the big side of your grater and watch your fingers because those potatoes are slippery.  This big pile it four small sized potatoes but it certainly did make a big pile.

I put some oil and butter into the pan and heat until they are mixed.  It turns out that the homemade version needs a lot less oil and butter than I used to use with the frozen ones so try with a little and add more if you need it.

Put the shredded potatoes on a towel to dry.  There is an amazing amount of wetness that comes out of a potato when you shred them.  I moved the potatoes around on the towel and little to get as much as possible.  The more dry you make them, the more crispy the hash browns can get.

The potatoes make a more solid looking mass when they are less watery but make sure you move them around because the middle might still be a little soggy.  Great news is that when I put the first part in the pan, it gave me a chance to get the rest of the potatoes a little drier (which might be why the second batch turned out so crispy)

I add the shredded potatoes to the heated pan.  Here is the part that is super hard to do.. are you ready?  Don't flip potatoes until they get cooked and crunchy on the bottom and don't stir.  I know that it seems like common sense with most cooking but it make you end up with crunchy mashed potatoes :)

When they are cooked to the crunchiness that you like, flip and repeat on the other side.  I used the same spatula that I was using to flip my pancakes that I was cooking at the same time.  I like mine really crispy but my husband and some like theirs a little softer.  Remove them from the pan and you get sections that are almost like patties because the potatoes are now stuck together a little more.  This was my first batch and I didn't let them cook long enough before I had to flip them a few times but no harm done, just extra work for the cook!

I made two batches with my four potatoes this time which were a perfect amount for us to go with our pancakes.  This is what the second batch looked like!!

I hope that you try to make these for your family too.  Add a little salt and pepper to taste and they are wonderful for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I am a little worried that we don't have enough potatoes left!!  My family might want these for every meal from now on!  Hope that you try and enjoy.

Shredded Hash Browns

Oil (Canola, Vegetable or other)
Butter or Margarine
Salt and Pepper

1. Peel Potatoes and then rinse clean.

2. Grate potatoes with the large side of the grater.

3.  Towel dry shredded potatoes.

4.  Heat butter and oil in pan.

5.  Add dried shredded potatoes to pan.

6.  Cook until crispy and flip over.

7.  Cook other side of the hash browns.

8.  Remove and season with salt and pepper to taste.

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