Thursday, April 9, 2020

The Amish Wedding Book Review

I was happy to have a few books that I reserved at the library before the libraries in the area shut down.  An Amish Wedding by Beth Wiseman, Kathleen Fuller and Kelly Long was the next book in my pile to read which I finished a little while ago.  I was excited that it was different book because it was three short stories because it means that I can finish one story and put it down.  It was a great book to enjoy a little bit more fun life.

Three best-selling authors. Three possible brides. Three separate tales. They come together for an Amish wedding.  Priscilla King has dreamed of being married to Chester Lapp since she was sixteen. With the help of her sister Naomi’s matchmaking skills, Chester proposes to Priscilla on her nineteenth birthday. As the wedding day approaches, problems emerge: an attendant with poison ivy, a failed celery crop, and a torn wedding dress.  At the same time, Priscilla’s best friend Rose is convinced her fiancĂ© is hiding something and she is intent on discovering the truth at any cost.
Naomi remains hopeful that she, too, will soon find her perfect match. When Chester’s cousin shows up, there’s an immediate attraction between him and Naomi—'s well as an obstacle that may just as immediately derail their blossoming love.  Is God sending a message to stop the wedding? What is certain is that the hearts of these three women will be forever transformed by this touching Amish wedding.

It was a great grouping of three books written by three authors.  The first story was called the Perfect Secret about Luke and Rose who believe that their partner that they are going to marry is just a friend.  Rose finds out that Luke is the thief who is going around and taking things from the neighborhood and she discovers the secrets that he is hiding.  They become closer during this secret because it becomes something that they share.  The second book was the Perfect Match.  I enjoyed getting to know Naomi and Zeke who are involved in the wedding.  Naomi was pushing Zeke away but everyone is working to help Zeke show her how much he cares.  The third book is the Perfect Plan.  Priscilla is worried about different things because she has control issue and she learns to turn over her issues to God.  Chester is worried about letting down Priscilla because he has had many set backs in the house construction and other things that he is doing towards their marriage.  Each story brought fun new characters and stories that I enjoyed getting to know while still learning about the wedding and all of the things that have gone into it.  I was a little confused on the last story because it seemed like it should be in a different order but it quickly went from the past quickly to the future and it suddenly made sense.  It was a great series of stories that I recommend to check out.  I hope that you check out this book and enjoy it for yourself.  

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Katie's Cut Out Cookies

My friend Katie makes these cookies which I love when she makes... of course isn't everything better when someone else puts in all the effort.  I didn't make this forever because I just wanted to eat hers but we needed some cut out cookies so I decided that I would make her recipe.  My family has declared it a new favorite recipe required for every special event and just sometimes when we are stuck in the house.

My son helped me make them the last few times so these pictures when I made them without a helper.  Of course whenever I pull out the ingredients, he comes running to help.

I put the butter and sugar in the bowl to cream together.

 I mixed until it was nice and creamy.

 I added the eggs and the vanilla.

I measured the dry ingredients to get them ready to add to the mixture.

I added all of the dry ingredients and mixed until combined.

The dough comes together easily and then you scrape down the sides and put it in the fridge overnight or at least until it is really cooled and ready to be rolled out.

We floured the surface and rolled out the cookies but I don't have an pictures of this for any of the times that I have made them.  Last time we made Virginia, candy cane, gingerbread men, and hearts.  My son picked the shapes so he was excited to cut them out and bake them.

This time, we decided to go with an Easter theme so we had two different bunnies, two different flowers, a butterfly, and ice cream cone. Super glad to have lots of spring sprinkles in the cupboard. 

We love to decorate upfront before baking so that they don't have to be decorated when they come out.  Although my husband likes his plain without any sprinkles so if he doesn't finish all his then we put frosting on them.  As always, these cookies are a home run. Everyone had lots of cookies and I hope that you try these for your own family.  Everyone I know who tried them thinks that they are a home run!

Katie's Cut Out Sugar Cookies


1 cup butter
1 cup sugar
2 eggs
1tsp vanilla extract (although she adds more)
3 cups flour
1/2 tsp baking soda
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp salt

Cream together butter and sugar.  Add eggs and vanilla, beating well.  Add dry ingredients.  Cool in fridge before rolling out (I usually do this over night).  Roll out, cut into desired shapes, then cook at 350 for about 8 minutes.  Cool before frosting


1/3 cup butter (must be room temperature!)
3 cups powdered sugar
1 1/2 tsp Vanilla extract
at least 2 tbsp  heavy whipping cream

Blend butter (again, make sure its room temperature) and powdered sugar.  Add vanilla.  Add whipping cream and then keep adding little bits at a time while mixing until desired consistency.

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

The Country Guesthouse Book Review

I put a bunch of books on reserve and I never know what is going to come in.  This book came into my reserve shelf and I got it just before the library closed.  The Country Guesthouse (Sullivan's Crossing) by Robyn Carr was the next book in my pile that was quickly dwindling.  I was a little sad that there were no new books coming in so I was excited to get to read this new book.  I was happy to get back to the small town of Sullivan's Crossing that I enjoyed in the other books in the series.

A summer rental, a new beginning…

Hannah Russell’s carefully crafted plans for her life have been upended without warning. When her best friend died suddenly, Hannah became guardian to a five-year-old named Noah. With no experience at motherhood, she’s terrified she’s not up to the challenge. She and Noah need time to get to know each other, so she decides to rent a country house with stunning views on a lake in rural Colorado.  When they arrive at the house, they are greeted by the owner, a handsome man who promises to stay out of their way. But his clumsy Great Dane, Romeo, has other ideas and Noah immediately bonds with the lovable dog. As Hannah learns to become a mother, Owen Abrams, who is recovering from his own grief, can’t help but be drawn out of his solitude by his guests.

But life throws more challenges at this unlikely trio and they are tested in ways they never thought possible. All three will discover their strengths and, despite their differences, they will fight to become a family. And the people of Sullivan’s Crossing will rally around them to offer all of the support they need.A summer rental, a new beginning… Hannah Russell’s carefully crafted plans for her life have been upended without warning. When her best friend died suddenly, Hannah became guardian to a five-year-old named Noah. With no experience at motherhood, she’s terrified she’s not up to the challenge. She and Noah need time to get to know each other, so she decides to rent a country house with stunning views on a lake in rural Colorado.

When they arrive at the house, they are greeted by the owner, a handsome man who promises to stay out of their way. But his clumsy Great Dane, Romeo, has other ideas and Noah immediately bonds with the lovable dog. As Hannah learns to become a mother, Owen Abrams, who is recovering from his own grief, can’t help but be drawn out of his solitude by his guests.  But life throws more challenges at this unlikely trio and they are tested in ways they never thought possible. All three will discover their strengths and, despite their differences, they will fight to become a family. And the people of Sullivan’s Crossing will rally around them to offer all of the support they need.

Wow what a detailed description on Amazon.  I was thinking that it was going to be short like many of the other book jackets but this had a lot of information on to summarize the story.  I was super happy to get back to the little town of Sullivan's Crossing because I have enjoyed the stories so much in the past.  I loved meeting Hannah the first time and seeing how she made her own future by leaving the work trip because the other people weren't behaving well.  It was great that she got into the small town and got to meet a bunch of the residents that we have loved from past books.  I was so happy that she planned a trip back after saying she was going to back.  It was a big surprise twist when Hannah becomes a mom and keeps her trip.  The trip to the vacation house turns out to be just the thing for Hannah and Noah.  It is great to see Owen who we have met in other previous books but it was great to get to know him more in this book.  He was a great person and his wonderful dog, Romeo.  It was great to see how Hannah and Owen together to help each other.  I loved reading this book and really put a smile on my face during these times being stuck inside the house.  I hope that you check out this book and the rest of the series.  I hope that you have lots of access to books during this time while many libraries are closed. I have a feeling that it is going to be a little while longer without my favorite resource the library but I know that I will have a great list of books to read when they open again.  Hope you have lots of books to read and enjoy too!!

Monday, April 6, 2020

Menu Plan Monday 4/6

Pasta with sausage sauce and garlic bread
Salsa Sloppy Joes with mac and cheese
Grilled Chicken with rice
Rosemary Chicken and Potatoes or Egg Noodles
Leftovers or Homemade Pizza
Baked Potato Soup with cheese and bacon
Chicken Fries or Chicken Wraps with homemade fries

Last week went according to plan except I decided to switch Tuesday and Thursday to use up the milk in the fridge before it was going to go bad.  Enjoyed cheese ravioli on Monday instead of eating the Penne pasta with my son.  Tuesday was Chicken and Rice Casserole which is one of my husband's favorite and my son actually made the cream of chicken soup from scratch.  Wednesday was Grilled Chicken with white rice.  Thursday was Fried Rice with Egg Rolls.  Friday was Wewalka Pizza and leftovers.  We are really to the point of making two pizzas so to stretch the pizza dough for longer,  I decided to mix it with leftovers so that we would also use up the things in the fridge.  This time I cut the pizza in half and made buffalo chicken pizza for us and pepperoni pizza for my son.  Saturday was an amazing meal that my husband declared used way too many dishes and pots and pans.  The kitchen was a mess but my tummy was happy with Steak and Mashed Potatoes and Gravy.  Sunday was Chicken Wraps and homemade french fries.  We are ready to jump into the next week and have a yummy week!!  I have finished the menu for April and currently working on finishing May's menu.  I know that I have enough things in the freezer and I look forward to getting these things eaten so that I can clean out and maybe even defrost the freezer this summer!!  It is really overdue but currently piled high with lots of food which I am super grateful for during this time at home.

How are you guys doing staying out of the stores??

Thursday, April 2, 2020

The $1,000 Challenge Book Review

I was looking around online for some new and interesting books to read and The $1,000 Challenge: How One Family Slashed Its Budget Without Moving Under a Bridge or Living on Gov ernment Cheese by Brian J. O'Connor came up.  It sounded a little familiar like I read it before but I wasn't sure so I decided to go ahead and read it again.  If it was so long ago that I couldn't remember, then it is probably worth reiewing again anyway.  It was a quick read that had lots of funny stories that kept the book going quickly and had you wanting to know what was going to happen next.

Are You Brave Enough for the $1,000 Challenge?
Middle-class incomes are stretched more than ever. Feeling the strain himself, personal finance columnist Brian O’Connor decided to put his own family’s spending to the test. He began a ten-week experiment to see if his family could cut its monthly living expenses by $1,000—without sacrificing anything truly important. From groceries and transportation to entertainment and insurance, O’Connor ruthlessly tackled his family’s Top 10 spending categories with an eye on rooting out big savings.  As he shares his family’s cost-cutting adventures, O’Connor offers helpful strategies for getting your own finances back on track. Whether he’s sharing secrets to shrinking your grocery tab or helping you scour bills for unnecessary fees, O’Connor tackles the frustrations and fears of controlling your own financial fate.

It was an interesting and helpful reminder for all those who aren't already using the methods discussed in the book.  Brian O'Connor's humor gets you through a lot of topics that might be more boring otherwise.  It goes through week by week how he cut costs for his family and found $1,000 a month that they were spending that could be better used.  It was great to rethink about the things that we do as a family and how we could stop spending that money.  Breaking it down into manageable bites that might help you tackle some of the expenses individually and not all together.  It was super practical and didn't insist that you give up everything to get ahead but took reasonable steps to save money.  I actually thought he was really more flexible then I am with spending money and being able to do things that you want without talking to your spouse.  He allowed for a lot more wiggle room in the budget then I do in ours.  As always happens, as soon as he cut in one category, another expense arose.  The amazing thing is that with the cuts, he was able to cover the other expenses without scrambling to find money.  I thought that it was a great introduction to all those who don't know where to start cutting because sometimes just giving you an idea of where to start is the best plan.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

March Month End Budget for Groceries and Eating Out

I work every month with a $160 budget for all my groceries and household goods.  I use sales, coupons and everything I can to try to stay under my budget and get everything that we need.  I normally have a lot of transactions with lower totals to get the most sale items with coupons to spend the least amount of money possible.  My shopping looks a lot different then a normal shopper because I am stocking up on low cost items and matching them with things in the house.

This month is a different month because we were quickly sent home from school and work and I had three (plus Grandma and Grandpa for a week after they left their vacation early) for all three meals of the day.  The great thing is that we have a ton of things in the house.  The bad thing is that I normally stop at the store while out doing other things and get a few things during the month.  I started a list when I knew that we were running low on things.  After about 10 days, I realized that we were going to have to hit the store and I tried to make the list as detailed as possible and broken down by store.  Check out what I got for the month and the cost breakdown of each transaction.

Harris Teeter $22.17

I went a little crazy with how much I was getting because I had a $5 coupon off $25 purchase.   I got free noodle bowls and Mission tortillas.  I got the Perdue chicken nuggets for $1.09 each and I bought 9 of them.  I got the Perdue Perfect Portions for $3.49 each.  The Nature Valley Granola Bars were evic special for $1.47 and I thinkg that I used a coupon for $0.50/2 so they were $0.97 per box.  I got the Fruit Gushers for $0.34 each so I bought 6.  The Scrubing Bubbles were on sale for $1.99 and I used a coupon to get each one for free.  Both the Nature Valley and the Scrubbing Bubbles gave me catalinas to use on the next transaction.  The great news is that they will double during the wonderful super doubles so I knew that I was going to get some free groceries.

Harris Teeter $7.66

I got free noodles, Stonefire Naan, Galbani Ricotta Cheese, Bic White Out, and one Mission Flour tortillas.  I got the Mission corn tortillas for $0.59 per package.  I got the Fruit Gushers for $0.34 per package.   My expensive purchase was my $2.99 packages of Jose Old Taquitos.  They are super handy to have for quick lunches.  I used my catalina to get this order super cheap and save lots.

Harris Teeter $0.03

I got a bunch of things super cheap like free Naan, Flatbread, and Mission Tortilla.  I got the Family Sized Cheez Its for $3 each after sale and coupon.  I got the Fruit Gushers for $0.34 per box.  I don't know what happened with the coupons because I thought I added them correctly but I wanted to use my catalinas to get them free but I had to grab a clearanced Kool Aid for $0.12 to get my total up high enough to use them.

Harris Teeter $3.88

I did the Johnsville Sausage deal where I got a catalina from buying two.  I also found the Hormel Snack Packs that were actually money makers of $0.31 each so they paid for some of the sausage.  I brought them home and immediately cooked them to make them into sausage sauce.

Harris Teeter $8.07

I went to the store to get some medicine for my husband because he decided to take some.  I bought two and left them in the front seat of his car at work in case he needed them before he got home.

I gave me a chance to get free noodles and free corn street taco shells.  I was at a different store and they literally read through every single coupon and didn't trust me on anything.  I had to show them where things were the same and different on the coupons.  The customer service person repeated a few times that they don't take copies and I told them that they weren't copies but prints.  The longest trip for the smallest amount of things that I have had in awhile.

Safeway $1.41

I went out shopping to get a bunch of things and sent the boys in the other direction to do some other things and my husband bought them doughnuts! Of course, he didn't let me know or I would have added the points for them to get them for we have coupons to get a few more free soon.

Safeway $0

I went to get the new freebie that was added on my card even though I wasn't sure that we would use it.  The funny thing is that my husband took it out of the cupboard shortly after I bought it and it tasted just like Heinz so it was nice to have because we were running low on ketchup.

Harris Teeter $0

I went to the store to get a few things that but I only found these which were the weekend freebie.

Harris Teeter $0

I went back into the store to check out if I had the wrong chicken since the coupon didn't come off in the first transaction.  The coupons didn't come off because the first can was 10 oz and the coupon only applied to the 12.5 oz can.  This was the last one left!!

Aldi $7.61

I got a few things that we were running low on and a few things I wasn't sure about.

Safeway $1.19

I went back to use some free coupons from the Monopoly game.  I got two free waters, free blue cheese dressing, free french bread, free snack mix, free hot dog rolls, and free chapstick.  The Cheerios were on sale for $0.99 for one box and $2.50 for the second box.  There was a coupon for $1 off 2 boxes and I had $1 free groceries so I got a ton of things for a great price.

Lidl $29.53

I went to Lidl to get a few things that we needed and a bunch of things that would be great in our stockpile because I had a $5 off $30 coupon on the app.  I wanted to get the honey because it was on sale for $5.19 which is cheaper then my parents normally get it at Sam's Club and we were running very low.  We were out of cheese, eggs, oil and vinegar so I was happy to find those at a low price.  I got a bag of $0.99 carrots because I still had my bacon ranch dip that was tasty on the carrots last time.  The bite sized tortilla chips are my son's new favorite so I got three bags to put in the cupboard.  I grabbed the salsa because we haven't tried their brand yet and with all those chips, I thought we might need some.  The Cheese Puffs were a super yummy treat that my son and husband were very excited by but sad that I only got two bags while they were on sale for $1.  I told them now that I know that they like them, I can pick them up next time.  I was also excited to find the toothpaste my son likes but then I got home and I guess my husband had finally talked him into using the adult tooth paste flavors.  In case it doesn't work out, I guess I am covered.  It also printed out a coupon for $5 off $25 for me to use next time.

Walmart $0.39

I went to Walmart to get a few deals with the coupons and gift card, but things were already crazy.  The shelves were cleared and there were a bunch of things not there that were on my list.  I got a few money makers even though it wasn't what I wanted because I could use my points to get a gift card and then I turned this in for $12.08 in Ibotta rebates.  I figured that I could use the butter at least.

Safeway $0

I went to another Safeway so that I could find the free crackers and seasoning packet.  I forgot when I was in the checkout lane that I also needed to get the $25 gift card that we earned enough points for with all the Monopoly cards.  My son was super excited to get them all and earn enough points so that he could get some fun things for him.

Target $0

We went out of the house to try to find a few things because it was getting very serious and school announced it was closed and it looked like other places were closing too.  I went to get my son's vitamins but even though they were the only place that had them around, they weren't on the shelf when I got there.  The employee checked the system and couldn't find anymore.  I used points to get a gift card and my husband had another one from work so I had $50 in gift cards so I bought Frozen 2 to watch while we were stuck at home.  I also grabbed Tums for my husband because he finished his last one that morning so these were $2.99.  I got two bags of jelly beans just in case the Easter Bunny needed them and the stores are closed.

Aldi $2.40

I went to Aldi to get a few things but this store was kind of picked over and they didn't have much that I wanted.  I got a box of Rice Kripy cereal and mini marshmallows to make treats.

Harris Teeter $11.82

Since we were headed to a second Aldi to try to get the rest of the things on my list.  I got the $1.97 Turkey Hill ice cream with two for my son and two for my husband and myself.  I used my rain check for $0.77 Pringles cans because they are my son's favorite along with the ice cream.  I got the 5 items for $5 off but they were out of many of things that I wanted.  I got the 4 Cool Whips and one bacon.  There was a rebate on the bacon on Ibotta so I got $1 back.  We were super happy to have some yummy things in the house.

Aldi $19.27 

I got three bags of Chicken Fries which are my son's favorite food and what we needed if we were going to make it through.  He also asked for Ice Cream Bars and they had them at the second store too.  Sadly there were a few more things that I should have looked around for at the second store but I was focused on the few things on the list and getting out because it was taking so long to get to all the stores.  I wish I took a few more seconds to see because we really could have used more shortening and a few more things.

Aldi $43.31 and Lidl $28.14

I went to the store after we were sent home so that I could get the things that I thought would get us through at least a month.  My dad drove so I went shopping and didn't touch anything in the car.  It was a little stressful to be out in the stores when I hadn't been in so long but there was an amazing amount of things on the shelf so I left with a ton!!

I got three blocks of Mozzarella to make pizza through the month.  I got cream cheese either for bagels or another batch of baked potato soup and I am having a hard time deciding.  I got four big blocks of Extra Sharp Cheddar because we love our cheese.  I got 2 bags of pretzels and 4 bags of cheese puffs.  I got one pack of hamburger buns so that my husband could eat his burgers that were in the freezer.  I got an 18 count eggs so that we would have tons for baking and cooking ovver the coming months.  The last thing that I grabbed was a Cranberry Grape Cocktail so that we could compare it to Ocean Spray since we were out.  I got a Chocolate Bunny for an Easter Basket (shhh).

I went to Aldi and it was a little overwhelming with more people lacking the common courtesy of staying away from each other.  I got out of the car and left my quarter in the car and someone felt sorry for me and handed me one.  I obviously looked a little bit of a mess when I almost ran after my dad driving away.  I also lost my receipt somewhere in the process so I only remember the things based on the pictures and I made my own list/receipt so that I could remember and stuck it in the folder with other receipts. It was way too much but I wanted to make sure I didn't have to go back.  Everything was cheaper then it is normally so I assume that they lowered their prices to compete with Lidl across the street so it was a great opportunity to get $0.75 Nacho Cheese Chips and $0.82 Pretzels.  They were only out of the ice cream bars that my son asked for so I got mint chocolate chip ice cream and chocolate ice cream for the rest of us.

Harris Teeter $54.95

I mainly had to get ketchup, pancake mix and vegetable shortening.  Guess what they were out of??  Ketchup and Pancake Mix! I didn't take a picture when I came home because I only brought in the chicken and immediately dumped it in glass containers sealed in the fridge and thew out the packaging.  I also put the Wewalka pizza dough in the fridge after I wiped them down which was $0.84 each after sale and coupon.  I got one box of Penne because it was the last on the shelf and one box of Sea Shells which were $0.29 each and there was a rebate to make them a money maker.  There was a sale and coupons for the Quaker Chewy Bars but they were out of my son's favorite so I got a different one that I hope he likes.  Those allowed me to order a free beach towel on Quaker's website.  I got 6 packages of Kool Aid because we have used most of the ones from home already and they were on sale for 6/$1.  I grabbed one nearly full priced Ocean Spray CranGrape because we were totally out!!  I got two containers of vegetable shortening because I couldn't find any at Aldi or Lidl and we were totally out.  I got free Fudge Stripe cookies (YUM) with sale and coupon.  I also got dry roasted peanuts for $0.24 after sale and coupon.  Most expensive was the four cases of Coke products for $2.77 each.  I got one Harris Teeter brand ginger ale for $0.99 after sale and coupon.  The rest of the groceries sat in the garage to wait until it was safer to bring in the house.

 Total Retail $778.96
Total Savings $536.46
Total Rebates $14.48
Total OOP $228.02

I hope that you had a good month even though ours turned into a little bit crazy at the end of the month with our local schools closing on March 13th and closing for the rest of the year.  We couldn't figure out if things were going to get better or worse if we waited to get groceries so we decided to go out on March 25th and get enough to last us through the next month.  It was exhausting so it took me a few days to make it back to get the last few things we needed.  We are lacking in a few things that weren't on the shelf but happy with all that we got.  I have a monthly meal plan already for April so hoping to not shop much during the month.  I am going to try to clean out the freezers and see if there are other meals hiding in there because they are currently stuffed to the top and over flowing.  I knew going to the store that I was going to be super over budget but I was sad it was $68.02 over our $160 grocery budget.  I used the $33.82 from the eating out leftover so we were only $34.20 over our total budget.  I know that I am going to keep next month's total really low so hoping that I can make up for that extra money spent and then some! Working on a meal plan to see if we can last for two months (minus the lack of ketchup, lettuce and milk).

Eating Out and Take Out

We decided to get Pizza Hut and we used the rest of the gift card and a freebie of bread sticks that we had points for from their loyalty app.  We ended up spending $6.18 of our monthly $40 budget.  After things got more restricted, we decided that we would not get take out or delivery so I used the rest of the budget to get groceries including some fun stuff for special treats.  It left me $33.82 extra for groceries.

Monday, March 30, 2020

Menu Plan Monday 3/30

Pasta with sausage sauce and garlic bread
Chicken and Rice Casserole
Grilled Chicken with rice or mac and cheese
Fried Rice and Egg Rolls
Leftovers or Homemade Pizza
Steak and Mashed Potatoes
Chicken Fries or Chicken Wraps with homemade fries

Last week went pretty well but my parents were here so things were a little mixed up.  We had Lasagna (Penne for my son) and garlic bread on Monday.  We had chicken tacos with corn bread on Tuesday.  Wednesday was Fried Rice and egg rolls and dumplings.  Thursday my parents left so we just had leftovers to clear out the fridge. By Friday, I still hadn't made more rolls because I was out of vital wheat gluten and I can't get it anywhere.  I decided that I didn't want to try eating meatball subs on bread or hot dog rolls so we had Chicken Enchiladas and Taquitos from the freezer and my son made a naan pizza.  Saturday was Chili from the freezer with corn chips and corn bread.  Sunday was Chicken fries, Chicken Wraps and homemade fries.  Super yummy week with most of the leftovers being used up for lunch so leftover night might turn into homemade pizza night.  I have naan in the freezer and Wewalka pizza dough in the fridge so any night it can put into the menu if I forget to defrost or don't feel like making it.  Hope you guys are having a good week and enjoying being home with your family.