Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Kid Science: Magic School Bus Explores the Senses

The Magic School Bus Explores the Senses by Joanna Cole is a great science and reading book.  It can be adjusted for any ages group.  If you read the whole book, it would be more for an older child (7-9 years old).  The book can be tapered to a younger child (3-5 years old) by reading only the text in the book and not the bubbles. 
 The book goes through the 5 sense in the most interesting way...just as all Magic School Bus books and shows do!  The book starts in the classroom with Ms. Frizzle, aka the Friz, and shows you all the stuff that the kids have learned through songs, experiments and reports.  They learned about smell, touch, hearing, taste, and sight and even had statues in the classroom for the parents meeting.  As they were leaving school, the assistant principal,Mr. Wilde, told the children that he would see them at the meeting tonight.  They got worried because Ms. Frizzle already left and she thought it was the next night.  Mr. Wilde got in the bus and all the kids followed to chase down Ms. Frizzle and let her know.  They ended up shrinking down and getting into a police officer eye.  They went through his system to get out and fell into a little boys ear.  They got out and got into a dogs nose.  They got out of the dog and got to Ms. Frizzle but they were too small to be seen and they ended up getting eaten.  Along each step, they learn all of the parts of the system (probably including some that parents forgot from school).  Then, they quickly went into a ear of a cat.  The kids and Mr. Wilde had quiet the adventure and so will your kids while learning everything about the processes.  

This is another great book to read at different points in the kids life.  It is good to introduce them to some things when they are younger to give them the introduction and then read again when they get older and can remember a little more.  I am surprised at all the things that my son remembers from when I thought that he wasn't paying attention so if you are looking for a little bit of education on the five senses, this book is the way to go.  Funny and educational and the kids of any ages will get a kick out of the adventure!!

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