Wednesday, August 9, 2017

July Reading Review

I had three books piled up at the very beginning of the month and I swore that I was going to be better but the summer got the best of me.  We started a busy schedule very quickly and I didn't keep up with the computer reviews because I didn't have enough time in front of the computer.  I was going to write the reviews at night and the night quickly went by without any typing.  I went to a library program where my son went in and I stayed out and I realized that I had an hour to myself!!!  I got on the computer to start writing reviews but I wasn't even sure which books I had read.  I quickly tried to remember and I came up with a list even though it wasn't in the right order.  I was excited that my memory worked well enough to get them posted with the free time I had.  Although I could say that I would do better, I knew that the summer schedule is too busy and I will be behind again soon enough.  The great news is that I got better because I started sitting down at the computer while my son was in library programs and getting three reviews completed in that time.  It was great to keep up with it all.

Below are the list of the books that I read for the month.  If you click on the title, it will bring you to a summary and review of each book that I have read.  I hope that you add a few of these on your reading list!!!

by Reed Farrel Coleman
by Shelly Sheppard Gray

by Amy Lillard

by Kate Lloyd

by Emily March

by Emily March 

by Emily March

by Joni Meyer- Crothers

by Emily March 

by Bunmi Laditan

by Reed Farrel Coleman

by Lorilee Craker

by Emily March

by Janet Evanovich

by Emily March

Total Books Read for 2017

January    8
February  15
March     17
April      13
May        10
June         10
July          15

Total Books Read     88

Currently Reading:

Miracle Road
by Emily March

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