Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Hummingbird Lake Book Review

I was excited to get to the second book in the Eternity Springs series while I was still on vacation.  I started it right after the last book.  Hummingbird Lake: An Eternity Springs Novel by Emily March was the next book in my vacation fun bag of reading and games.  I was super excited to get the time to read while away on my vacation because it is my favorite...although I think that I missed some sleeping in order to get some of my reading done, I greatly enjoyed getting through lots of my summer reading.

Haunted by painful memories, pediatric surgeon Sage Anderson gives up medicine and moves to Eternity Springs. There she finds a place to call home, but even her newfound success as a gifted artist isn’t enough to keep her nightmares at bay. Colt Rafferty is about to change all that.

Eternity Springs is a refuge for Colt, a place to ground himself when the stress of investigating tragedies takes its toll. He has come here for a little R & R, but instead of relaxing, he finds himself fascinated by the mysterious redhead whose secrets beg to be discovered—a beauty running from her past, a heartsick woman in desperate need of the sweet sanctuary of a devoted man’s embrace. And he is just the man to show her the true path to peace—by offering her the healing power of love.

This book was about Sage who we have already met and is part of the town of Eternity Springs and Colt who is newer to the town because he was just a summer visitor before.  I loved following these two characters through their growth and getting to know each other.  Colt was very persistent to make sure that he built a relationship with Sage that she was very resistant to having.  It was great to see Sage get over the demons in her past to try to have a healthier life.  Colt is working so hard that he hasn't had a change to even think about things but time in Eternity Springs gives him that time to decide what he wants to do.  Both Sage and Colt decide what they are doing doesn't work for them and they greatly change their life. You have to pick up the book to find out how they change.  I hope that you check out this book and the others in this great series.  I know that you will enjoy them as much as I did!

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