Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Caroline's Secret Book Review

On my long trip to the library to find new books, I came upon a series that seemed interesting.  The first book in the series happened to be in the shelf so I was excited.Caroline's Secret (A Wells Landing Romance) by Amy Lillard was the first book that I was going to read in this series and also the first in the series which I love reading in order.  I put the rest of the series on reserve so that I could read through them all.  I can't wait to read this whole series soon!!  I will try to be patient for them to come in at the library but there isn't a lot of time before we leave for vacation so I am hoping that they all come so that I can read my way through vacation.

In Amy Lillard's poignant introduction to Wells Landing, a small Amish community is home to two brave souls hoping to forget their painful pasts and rebuild their faith in the future. . . Caroline Hostetler arrived in Oklahoma determined to forge a new life for herself and her daughter, Emma. As a single mother, she values the warmth and safety she's found in close-knit Wells Landing. She's even caught the eye of a handsome newcomer--a man who just may be the partner she longs for and the father Emma deserves. But the arrival of an Englisher threatens to lay bare the secrets she's worked so hard to leave behind. . .  After losing his life-long sweetheart, Andrew Fitch moved to Wells Landing to work in his uncle's furniture business and nurse his broken heart. Finding love again seems all but impossible--until he meets Caroline and Emma. But his plans to join their lives together may be shattered when the truth of Caroline's past comes to light--unless, together, they can learn the true meaning of sacrifice and forgiveness. . .

This book was an interesting introduction to Wells Landing which is a more progressive Amish Beachy community.  It is an accepting place that seems to a wonderful community.  Caroline arrived on the bus from her very conservative town to raise her daughter, Emma.  She quickly got a job working in the local bakery and was taken in by the owner.  Caroline and Emma work and live with Ester who was a widow with no children of her own.  She treated Caroline and Emma like family and they had a comfortable life.  Caroline meets Andrew and they form a deep friendship which quickly starts to feel like family for both of them.  Ester is building her relationship with Abe Fitch, Andrew's uncle.  They are all very happy until Caroline's life is turned upside down by a letter from her mother and you have to pick up the book to find out what happens.  The even better part then the ending is that there is a recipe section which I always love for three of the recipe that are made in the book a lot.  I was excited to read this book and can't wait to read the second book in the series.  I will be waiting less than patiently to get it as the library soon.  I hope that you check out this book and the rest of the series too.

If you want to check out some of the recipes, they have Amish Buttermilk Cookies, Hawaiian Delight Cookies and Cowboy Cookies!!

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