Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Shopping List for April

So I started my shopping list for April and broke the paper up into four squares including Aldi, Harris Teeter, Trader Joes and Wegmans.  I wrote the list of the items that I thought I needed to get this month and things that we were out of.  There wasn't anything super urgent except lunch meat.  I was going to stop at Aldi and grab lunch meat but my mom was in town so we grabbed a lot more than that because we shop a lot differently.

There was clearance Fruit Roll Ups and Butter Popcorn seasoning which she got for my son as well as some plum jelly which my mom got for my dad but I cut off on the right side of the picture.  After getting groceries, we split a cheese steak and fries for lunch which was amazing!!  It was super tasty and filling.  Then we hit Trader Joes with our extra energy.  My mom got the stuff in the right corner of the picture for herself (maybe 6 things) but the rest of it was for us and she paid for all of it.  It was around $50 of groceries which will last a good long time for us (I also put in for $0.45 online rebates for cheese, pasta sauce and one any item through Mobi Save and Ibotta).  I put the blackberries in the freezer to make some more muffins later.  The rest of the things got put away in the cupboard, fridge and freezer except the bagels which are already gone!!

We don't have too many things on the list left but I want to get ground beef and mac and cheese at Wegman's and Cranberry Grape juice and hot sauce at Harris Teeter.  I guess I will see what other deals come up this month to fill the rest of the budget.  Maybe I will end up under budget again!!!


  1. How wonderful that your mom gifted you with all those groceries, and some special treats for your son. He must love those times when Grandma comes to shop. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you come in under budget again this month.

    1. She always either buys us a meal out or a some groceries (especially fun stuff for her grandson). He loves to shop with grandma and even more when it was just grandpa. I told him he couldn't have dessert at a restaurant and grandpa told him that he would take him to the store and he ended up with $50 of dessert and treats instead of the $8 dessert I told him he couldn't have!!! He is their only so he is spoiled rotten. I am thinking that it is going to be pretty easy to come in under budget this month but those are the months that usually lead me wrong :)


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