Tuesday, April 11, 2017

A Soldier for Keeps Book Review

I reserved things at the library with a delay so that more books would come in when I finished the last ones and this was my last group of books.  I was excited to see that there was one more from the McKaslin family series because I have really enjoyed them.  A Soldier for Keeps (The McKaslin Clan: Series 3, Book 9) (Love Inspired #483) by Jillian Hart was the last book that I had on the reserve list so it must be the last one that the library had.  It was a little different then the other books because it wasn't one of the family members but some other people that it was following.

Lexie Evans is not looking for a relationship with Pierce Granger. And that's just fine by the handsome soldier. Neither one has time for romance, but they can both commit to friendship, right? Then, after months as pen pals, Pierce visits Lexie's family ranch in Wyoming. Face to face with her friend, Lexie realizes her feelings toward him have changed. She's finally ready for love--but is Pierce ready to be hers for keeps?

I hope that you check out this book in the McKaslin series.  I was surprised that I had anymore left when it appeared on my hold shelf but I was really glad that the library had so many books in the series.  This book was following Lexie Evans who is not a member of the McKaslin family but is the RA of one of the family members.  Lexie goes through a tought time when she is skiing and ends up stranded on the slopes after another skiier gets in her way and she can't avoid hitting them.  She hurt her ankle and they left her there in the snow.  Luckily, Pierce comes by just in time to save her by carrying her down the mountain.  It was a great story to see Pierce and Lexie's friendship blossom through mail and email while he went oversees.  Both of them grew a lot and learned a lot about each other.  I don't want to give everything away but I think that you need to read it to find out.  I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did.

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