Thursday, April 13, 2017

A Wife for Jacob Book Review

I was out of books from the library again and went to the shelf.  The first book I picked up was a historical fiction and I decided that I wasn't going to read it.  I switched to A Wife for Jacob (Lancaster County Weddings) by Rebecca Kertz which looked interesting.

Jacob Lapp has loved Annie Zook since childhood. But she's never seen him that way. Once courted—then rejected—by his older brother, Annie's wary of the Lapp men. But now that Jacob is working at her dat's blacksmith shop, he feels he's been given a second chance. It's no secret Annie wants a husband. Yet she's intent on marrying someone older, more established—someone the opposite of Jacob. Can he ever break down the walls she's forged around her fragile heart and prove to her that he's the perfect man for her?

This is a great book with great characters and writing where Jacob spent his childhood loving Annie but she fell for his brother.  Jacob let go of the feelings and tried to move on but still hasn't found a wife to make a future with.  Jacob drives by in his carriage and sees Annie running up the road because she is looking for help for her father.  Jacob sends his twin brother for help and goes back to the help with her father's injuries until the ambulance shows up.  Jacob gives up his jobs to help out in the blacksmith shop while Annie's father is recovering from his fall.  Annie is set that she is going to marry an older person in the community and not for love to avoid the hurt she felt when her previous relationship ended.  You have to pick up the book to find out what happens because there are a lot of ups and downs with her mother trying to set her up with different people in the community.  I couldn't help but to laugh at some of the situations that she got herself into.  I hope that you enjoy this book as much as I did and get a few laughs in the process.

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