Friday, April 14, 2017

His Second Chance Family Book Review

I got a new book from the reserve shelf at the library and it was a new book that I hadn't even heard of but I got off the new release list because I recognized the author.  It turns out that there was on compilation book, Brambleberry House: His Second-Chance Family\A Soldier's Secret (The Women of Brambleberry House) by RaeAnne Thayne with two books in it which was perfect because I was going to be traveling so less to pack.  His Second-Chance Family (The Women of Brambleberry House Book 2) by Raeanne Thayne was the first book included in this great books.  After reading it, I found out that it was the second book in the series but the first one was available at the library so glad I got a chance to read this one regardless!

When she was sixteen Julia Blair found more than fun in the sun on the sands of Cannon Beach. She found a home—especially in the arms of her teenage crush, Will Garrett—and she knew that life, sunny and beautiful, stretched out in front of her….
Now she's thirty-two, and though life may not have worked out the way she'd planned, here she is, back in Cannon Beach, still standing, with her two little children in tow. Only to find Will Garrett there, too—battered and bruised. Julia believed he could still make all her dreams come true. The question was, would he let her into his heart to do the same for him?

Julia came to live at Cannon Beach which is where she vacationed as a child before her parents got divorced.  She was looking to restart her life after a lot of hardships with her two young children.  She was hoping to give them the happiness that she felt at Brambleberry House.  What she found was that the owner of the house had recently died but there were apartments to rent inside the house so she quickly decided that she was going to rent an apartment for her small family.  She also finds that Will Garrett, her childhood crush, is still living and working in the area.  Her life might not be going according to plan and neither is his but they might be able to find the friendship that they had years ago to get them through the tough times.  This book had a lot of ups and downs and it was a great read with the fun characters and interesting events happening around this great historic house.  I hope that you enjoy this book and check out the next book in the series.  I know that you will enjoy them as much as I did!!

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