Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Priceless Book Review

I was excited to get to the second book in the series and the best news is that I had gotten this book when I got the first book so I got to start it right after finishing the last one!!  Priceless (Perfect Destinies) by Sherryl Woods was the second book and I was ready to find out what was going to happen in this great chapter of the series.

Charismatic playboy Mack Carlton lit up a room—even a hospital room—like no one else. Dr. Beth Browning had to admit Mack's visits were a tonic for her young patient, but her own reaction was much more confusing… Although Beth didn't ask for a second opinion on her future with Mack, his aunt Destiny offered her prognosis: marriage. Given Mack's romantic history and her own wariness due to past losses, Beth hesitated to agree—but her symptoms were undeniably love!

This book was even better than the first book.  It was great to follow one of the other Carlton brothers and learn even more about the wonderful family.  Mack, the ex-football player and playboy, was sent to the hospital to lift the spirits of a sick boy by his aunt.  We quickly learned that there was another reason because there was an attractive doctor taking care of this wonderful little boy.  It was great to watch the twists and turns in this book but make sure you have your tissues.  It was a tear jerker with the doctor dealing with many life and death situations.  I hope that you enjoy this book and the rest of the series.  I know that I really enjoyed this book and can't wait to check out the next book in the series.

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