Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Off to a Fast Start for October Shopping

I had a bunch of things that I needed to get at the store but I didn't make it at the end of September so here is what I got so far this month:

Aldi $49.49

I went a little crazy at Aldi but hoping that I stocked up on a lot of things and won't have to go back again a million times.  I grabbed two packages of lunch meat ($3.49), two bags of chicken fries ($4.29), two bags of popcorn chicken ($3.99), four cheddar blocks ($1.89), three boxes of margarine ($0.59) and three 3 lb bags of gold potatoes ($0.99).  I grabbed milk because we needed it.  I was making lasagna so I needed more Parmesan because I never have enough.  My husband wanted bananas for breakfast/snack even though they weren't on sale!!!  Added one container of tub margarine and one monterey jack cheese just in case so I don't have to go back.  I also grabbed chips, chips and pretzels per my husband that would be nice to have.  We needed and will use most of the items but that is a super high Aldi total for me.

Harris Teeter $9.83

I went to grab lasagna noodles because Aldi still didn't have any.  They were shelf price of $2.99 and they were on sale for $2.50 but I still wasn't sure.  I ended up using a rain check for the lasagna noodles which was 3 for $5 and then a $1/3 coupon so I got three boxes for $4 which was $1.33 each.  I had planned on doing the same thing during super doubles but the coupon expired in a few days so it seemed like a good deal.  The Flesichman's Yeast packages are shelf price $1.59 and I have a coupon that doubles and makes them $0.09 each which seemed like a great time to stock up.  I also grabbed 4 boxes of Kleenex which were free after coupons and we really needed them.  There was also a great coupon for the Challenge butter to get free after coupon.  I got two ramen soup for my husband since he is sick!!  YUCK!!

Harris Teeter $0.66 + $0.42= $1.08

I went to one Harris Teeter close to work to grab three boxes of tissues and three packages of yeast and Kraft Parmesan Cheese.  The tissues were free after coupons.  The cheese was on sale for $3.50 and I had a coupon which was $1.50 off so that made it cheaper then Aldi.  The yeast had a shelf price of $1.49 but it rang up $1.59.  I went to customer service to ask and they gave me $1.79 plus tax back which was $1.59 for one and the $0.10 for each of the other ones.  Woot Woot!!  Then I left the store and went to the other Harris Teeter to get 3 more tissues and 3 yeast.  Love that all this cost me a little over a $1!!

Total Retail $125.04
Total Savings $64.64
Total OOP $60.40

I have a little under $100 for the rest of the month and I am sure that I can do lots with it but amazing how quickly this month started when I didn't get enough shopping done last month.  I was tempted to count this towards last month at least the first two trips but it doesn't really matter what month is is counted towards and I normally just do it on the date purchased and these were done on the 2nd and 4th of October.

Thanks to a reminder from Nathalie, I put in the potatoes for a rebate at Checkout 51 and got $0.25 and put in two rebates for MobiSave for $0.10 each for the bananas, pretzels and chips from Aldi and $0.10 for the pasta from Harris Teeter.  I am hopeful that all of those will come through and save a little more money even though it is only $0.65.  I took the time that I had to unlock all the new saving star deals that there were and save a few more on Ibotta but who knows if those are things that I am getting this month.  WooHoo...found three more things on Ibotta for $0.25 each for tissues, potatoes and challenge butter!!!  It is good to be reminded to check these things when getting home from the store to see if there is anything else that will apply to get deals!!!  Here is hoping that I find a few more too :)


  1. Holy Moly. You have done well, again. I can't believe all the stuff you bought that turned out being free. And that photo with all those items for a buck total??? A-maze-ing. I am always forgetting to check out Checkout 51. I have got to get back to that.

    1. Totally agree that it was great that I got so much for a $1. Silly me drove to two different stores just so that I could do the deal twice. I probably should have pushed my luck and tried to get another transaction with such great deals but the great news is that I can still get more yeast with that great coupon so I can't wait to stock up. I already for the money from Checkout 51 and Ibotta and MobiSave are still pending :)

  2. I think you did well, since you were stocking up. Love all the coupon and rebates, etc.

    1. I may have gone a little crazy too early in the month because I have been at the store way too much this month. I am going to add up my receipts in a little bit to see what the total is but new post coming soon with more trips!!


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