Friday, August 16, 2013

Shopping for the First Half of the Month

I just realized that we were half way through the month and I didn't track any of my shopping trips for the month.  I am going to have to go searching for receipts since I am not even sure where my Aldi's recipe got stuffed!  I know that you were worried but I did find it balled up in my bag!

I went for eggs and milk and added a few more things to the trip.  Can you guess which two things my son picked out?  Chips and marshmallows.... I know shocking!!!  I also decided on another head of lettuce, more butter and blue cheese (so that I could make buffalo chicken pizza for my husband and cousin).

Total OOP $10.34

I went to the first day of Super Doubles and I wasn't sure what I was getting but I knew that I had to get there and figure it out.  I had a few coupons that were expiring quickly so I used them for the Quaker Oatmeal and the Quilted Northern.  I had a bunch of rain checks that I was also going to use in case there wasn't anything else that I needed!!  I used one on the Snapware and one on the Dove ice bars.  My favorite finds were the clearance bananas for $0.29 per pound so I got enough for two loaves of banana bread for only $0.72!!!

My favorite finds of the day were the Butoni sausage pasta which is a favorite in this house and great to freeze to have anytime through the year.  At only a $1 after sale and coupon, I think that there are a few more in my future.  The other was a Jimmy Dean sausage roll that was normally $4.45 but it was on sale for $3.50 and it had a meat coupon for $1 off.  In addition, I used a coupon which doubled so it was only $0.50!!  I usually cook up the sausage and freeze it as soon as I get it so that I can put it on pizza or into dips later and it is super hard to find such a great deal on sausage (although I already have a bunch in the freezer).

I was happy to make it there without my son and get a little time to find some deals before rushing home to make a quick dinner.  I hope to make it back this week but I am not sure what other things I have to get because the list doesn't look extremely great this time.  Hoping to use a few more rain checks :)

Total OOP $10.61
Total Savings $40.62 + $4.50 Snapware Rain Check + $6.87 Dove Rain Check= $51.99

Then, I hit the second day at super doubles to get a few things with a few more rain checks.  Is anyone else finding the sales this time not as great??  I used a rain check to get the Ocean Spray Cran Lemonade, Diamond Crystal Sea Salt and one for the Chunky soup.

I got a great deal on the syrup and the Cocoa pebbles with them both being free or nearly free.  I was super excited to stock up on juice boxes at only $0.50 per package (I hate paying lots of money for them because I don't like giving my son juice and he drinks them so quickly) but they are really good to have on hand for parties or trips to the water park.

This was the trip that made my family the happiest which is always my goal (while getting things super cheap).  My husband was most excited by the Wholly Salsa.  He got really spoiled a while back when they were on sale and there was a coupon to get them for free but $0.50 isn't a bad thing when it makes my husband happy.  My son was most excited about the vitamins.  He had picked out at another store awhile ago but I told him that I needed to wait for a sale and coupon and I picked these up for $1.50 each!!!  I was super happy.

Total OOP $21.60
Total Savings $40.75 + $1.99 Sea Salt Rain Check+ $14.94 Ocean Spray Rain Check + $6.54 Campbell's Rain Check= $64.22

Then, I went to Giant with my son since I was out of time without him.  It is much more challenging with him because he doesn't have a lot of patience for not moving and it is hard to be moving all the time and fill the shopping cart.  I was planning on getting the ham because we were out...and then I found out it was on sale so I stocked up.  I was also planning on using our free coupon from the library coupon book for my son's summer reading to get him ice cream sandwiches which he picked out the mint chocolate chip (yum!).

The rest was added in so that I could use coupons and sale items to get to the $10 total needed to get my monthly credit.  We were almost running out of pasta that I had previously gotten for free so this was a great deal to find on sale for $1 and then I had a $0.75/2 which doubled so it was only $0.25 per box of pasta!!!  Sadly, my monthly credit didn't come off and I had to come home and e-mail them to find out what happened.

Total OOP $12.02- $0.10 cash back for bags= $11.92
Total Savings $26.59

Still sad about the $10 not coming off because I was really trying to stay on budget this month but I got a great deal so I am going to try to focus on that and ignore the other issue.  Here is hoping that they come up with a great answer on how I get my $10 since I don't think that I can return all this stuff since the sale ended yesterday :(

Total Spent Month to Date $54.47
Total Savings $142.80 (plus Aldi's saving)

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