Friday, August 16, 2013

The Wanderer Book Review

The Wanderer (Thunder Point) by Robyn Carr was next that came in off a long wait list at the library.  I was super excited because I just started reading the other Robyn Carr book that I got (after a long wait list) which didn't take much time at all.  I got started on this book and finished quickly (that to a great Saturday where I was left alone in the house for the afternoon!)
In this book, Hank Cooper, called Cooper, comes to Thunder Point to find out what happened to his friend.  His friend has fallen down the stairs in his beachfront bar in the middle of the night.  Cooper decides to stay and learn more about his friend.  What Cooper learns is that his friend has a huge property and a huge heart.  Ben had done anything that he could to take care of the town from buying a tow truck, repairing people's cars for free and having sandwiches for people who come through the area.  He ends finding out Ben's wishes when his will is given to him and decides to stay and learn more about himself.  This book is filled with great twists and turns but I don't want to give away anything so I think that you should pick it up and see what happens.
As with all of the Robyn Carr books, this was a wonderful story with great characters that really makes you want to live in the town of Thunder Point.  I know that I was glued to the story and couldn't stop reading.  I hope that you pick it up at your local library or bookstore and check it out for yourself!  It is a great read which won't let you down!!!

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