Sunday, July 7, 2013

Pan Fried Cube Steak

I got a great deal on some cube steak that my husband really wanted so it was $1.11 after coupon.  Have you ever eaten cube steak?  It used to be a cheap cut of meat that you could get to have some meat for your family.  Currently, it is $5.99 per pound at Harris Teeter so I don't think that it is a cheap piece of meat anymore. 

Let me give you a little background my history with cube steak.  I used to hate eating cube steak when I was growing up because my mom cooked it in a pan until it tasted like shoe leather.  We used to have A1 steak sauce in the house to just have a little more moisture to get it down.  My husband told me that he loved cube steak early in our relationship so I thought that I should give it a chance.  Thinking that I would have to eat some things that I didn't like in this relationship so I should suck it up now.  Well, he made me this wonderful meal with Pan Fried Cube Steak with white rice.  We eat it the same to this day!!!

It is super easy to make.  I took out plain bread crumbs, one egg, and the cube steak package.

I cracked the egg and mixed with a little water in the bowl.  It makes the egg a little bit looser and it helps stretch it so that you only need one egg.

There were two pieces in the container and it was plenty for us for dinner!!  I dipped into the bread crumbs first.  I pressed the bread crumbs into both sides so that the cube steak is coated.  Don't worry about getting too much coverage because this is the first layer and there will be another one.

Then, I dipped it in the egg mixture.  I put it on one side and then turn it to the other to coat.  Don't leave it to sit too long or the first layer of bread crumbs will come off.

Then, put it back into the bread crumbs to coat both sides.  You will have to press more into the cube steak so that it is all covered with bread crumbs and none of the egg mixture is showing the cube steak is not wet.

When it is completely covered, you can put in a pan with heated oil so that it can fry.  I usually cook at medium heat so that it can brown slowly and cook through.

Repeat the process with the other piece of meat (or as many as you have).  When they are cooked in the pan, flip them to cook on the other side.

When the cube steak is done cooking, take them out and drain them on a paper towel or put them directly in a casserole dish to put in the oven.  I usually bake them a little in case I have fried them on a low enough temperature.  It takes care of cooking them and it takes out a little bit of the oil.

It also helps so that you can wait for the other items to go with dinner to be ready like the rice.  It is hard to time everything to come out hot at the same time especially if you are doing multiple pieces of cube steak in the pan.

Serve over yummy rice or with your choice of side dishes.

I hope that you like this yummy treat!  We haven't had this in at least 5 years in our house so it was a super nice treat to have cube steak and share it with you.

Pan Fried Cube Steak

Cube Steak
Bread Crumbs

1.  Put bread crumbs in a bowl big enough to dip the cube steak in the bowl.

2.  Mix egg and water in a second bowl that is big enough to dip the cube steak into.

3.  Add oil to pan that is big enough to fit the meat and turn on a low temperature to heat while preparing the meat. 

4.  Dip the cube steak in the bread crumbs and coat both sides.

5.  Dip the cube steak in the egg mixture to coat both sides.

6.  Dip the cube steak into the bread crumbs again and evenly coat both sides so that now more wet spots are showing through from the egg mixture.

7.  Add cube steak to pan with oil to fry.  Don't over crowd the pan because if the pieces are touching, it is harder to cook and flip.

8.  Flip cube steak when first side is browned towards the edge.  Fry on both sides until browned.

9.  Drain on paper towels or put in casserole dish in the oven to keep warm until serving dinner.

I hope that you take this chance to try some yummy cube steak because I know that you will enjoy this change of pace from the normal dinner!  Since we only used about 1/2 a pound, it would still be a frugal meal at the high charge per pound but we got lucky with the great coupon because it was only $1.11 after the coupon for the serving we had.  I know that we enjoyed the meal and we hope that you will too!!

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