Monday, July 8, 2013

Menu Plan Monday 7/8

Monday- House Autry Chicken fingers and fries
Tuesday- Roast Beef Sandwich with mac and cheese
Wednesday- Worcestershire Chicken with chicken rice
Thursday- Olive Oil Pasta with garlic bread
Friday- Pizza
Saturday- Leftovers/Dinosaur Nuggets with fries
Sunday- Leftovers/Beef Stir Fry with noodles

I was pretty excited to get some of the meals on the calendar for the month because I didn't think that I had enough food for the month.  Boy was I wrong!!  The hard thing is that we are out of ground beef but I got a great coupon on beef when I bought any two Weber seasonings so I used that to get practically free thin steaks.  I think that we will actually end up with a more fun month then I expected (especially this close to clean out the freezer).

I know that there are a lot of other people out there making the same struggle to make healthy meals within a tight budget.  We don't often manage steak on $160 a month budget but this month, there was a coupon to get $1 off Beef when you buy 2 Weber seasonings which was doubled to $2.  I used it four times during different shopping trips!! I got cube steak for $1.11 which my husband had said that he really wanted to have again because it had been a long time.  I also got one thin steak for $0.40.  Lastly, I bought a package that had three thin steaks in them which were about 1/2 pound.  I paid $0.45 for one and $0.74 for the other.  I got 4 different meals for under a $1.  In addition, I got 6 packages of Roast Beef which were $0.50 each to make sandwiches through the month on yummy homemade rolls.  These are special meals that we don't often get so I am super excited to start off a month fitting a few of them into the rotation!!

Here is a super full week with some new meals to make!  I hope that you have a super tasty week planned as well :)

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