Friday, May 10, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Week

I am surprised every year when there is teacher appreciation week right before school ends.  We do the Christmas present and then there is a gap and two presents right in a row.  I planned on the end of the school gifts and I was ready to roll until I realized that I needed two gifts so I quickly got creative.

Luckily I was searching the blogs to find some ideas on what to do and I found this blog with lots of teacher appreciation sayings.  I think that I need to use one for teacher appreciate and then one for the end of the year done in one swoop!!!  Check out my top 6 choices:

“Thanks for giving our child a hand” tag with hand lotion

“You are ‘tea’rrific!” tag with selection of teas

“You are one smart cookie” tag with homemade cookies

“Thanks for helping me grow” tag with flower seeds or a plant

“You have been just ‘write’ this year!” package of nice pencils or pens in a case or container

“Thanks for helping me become a real ‘smartie’ pants!” tag attached to package of Smarties

The winner for teacher appreciation day was the one that I could get the easiest because I didn't get it done early enough again!!!  Check the original post here for her cute lotion idea or look below for the picture of my finished product.  I hope that the teachers like these :)  We also had one day of flowers and one day when all the kids wore yellow shirts (because they are ducks). 

Luckily, teacher appreciation is over now but now it is time to start planning the next thing.  I am going to try to start on the end of the year gift soon so that I don't have any last minute issues!!  Our school year ends in two weeks so I hope to start on the work soon.  I have a bag of Simple Pleasure Hershey's Chocolate in a bag with buttons and I am making clips with buttons on them to close the bag and they can reuse it.  I looked through my button container so now I have to find the picture online that prompted my idea.  I will show you some pictures when I am done.  Here is hoping that you have some ideas on what to do for your teachers :)

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