Friday, May 10, 2013

Cold Service Book Review

Cold Service (Spenser) by Robert B. Parker was my next book in the series and I just happened to have it sitting on my shelf from my mom.  I was glad when I picked it up to get back to the Spenser series.

In this book, Hawk is shot and almost dies protecting a man, Luther Gillespie, and his family after being threatened by the Ukrainian mob.  The youngest son survives because he was at daycare at the time so Hawk is determined for someone to provide a trust fund for that child to grow up.  Hawk also wants to avenge the shooting so Spenser helps him without question.  Hawk has issues with his girlfriend at the time because he tells her that he doesn't want to see her until he is stronger and back to his old self.  He encounters other issues with the Ukrainian involvement with Tony Marcus, the black mobster, who is allowing his son-in-law to run a business in the Ukrainian territory with an agreement that the Ukrainians are doing business in his territory.  There are a few battles that have Hawk doing a lot of the dirty work but also the investigation to find all the people involved in the shooting.  Pick it up at the local bookstore or library near you to find all the suspenseful scenes!!

I hope that you check out the Robert Parker books especially the Spenser series.  These books are all a little different and enough the same that they are all great.  I picked up the next two books at the library when I stopped there to pick up my papers so they are next on the list :)  Hope they are on your list too!!!

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