Saturday, May 11, 2013

Susannah's Garden Book Review

Susannah's Garden by Debbie Macomber was on my list of books to read about Blossom Street.  I luckily found it while I was at the library with my son.  I quickly grabbed it so that I could get started on my next book.  I was really excited that I remembered the name of the one that I needed because I keep a notebook and never remember to take it to the library with me.  Do you ever do that?  I find that if I keep the next few books in the series on reserve that I can check on the computer at the library really quickly after leaving my notebook at home.  It would probably also be a really good idea to remember my notebook but this is the happy alternative :)

This book was about Susannah dealing with the death of her father and then six months later putting her mother in an assisted living facility because she was getting a little forgetful.  Susannah comes back to her home town and re-connected with long lost friends.  It is a great relief to her to have a support system to lean on because she is having a hard time dealing with all of the pressure.  She had fallen out of touch with her best friend who was with her oversees at boarding school and remained her friend for awhile after.  With all of the issues she was dealing with cleaning up her mother's house, she learns more than she ever knew about her father and how much he really did love her.  She had thought for many years that he only loved his son who died right before his 21st birthday and lived with a lot of pain to be brought up by someone who doesn't love you.  She learns through the help of a few surprises that her family loved her and she loves her new family exactly the same way.  Pick up this book to find out all the twists and turns that Susannah's Garden has to offer!!!

I hope that you check out Debbie Macomber and her wonderful characters on Blossom Street.  I know that I have liked meeting them and I look forward to getting the next book from the library soon.  I know that you will see a few more reviews this month for this series!!!

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