Thursday, May 9, 2013

Thrifty Thursday: Stretching Your Salsa

Do you like salsa?  Well, we love salsa in this house and my husband insists that it is a summer food that should be in the house all summer.  Salsa is a pretty expensive item (especially since my husband can eat a jar in one sitting).  It is now part of my favorite new salsa sloppy joe recipe so I have to make sure I have enough for all our summer time treats.

First, I would like to tell you that we do not like chunks.  Although we love the flavor of salsa, my husband and I are not fans of the chunks of tomato, onion and pepper that are in most salsas.  Years ago, we learned a great trick from our friend Robb.  He blends it!  What?!  He puts it in the blender and blends it smooth.  It makes the flavor spread through out the salsa so that you get a little taste of all of the flavors in one bite.  It is the best tip that we have ever learned. 

I found a new recipe online for making salsa from a can of Rotel.  I thought it sounds like a great idea but I didn't have all the needed ingredients but I had the jar of Rotel.  If you want to check out the recipe, please click here and let me know how it goes but I had it on the back burner to make next time.

I decided to throw the Rotel in the blender with my jar of salsa to add a little volume to the jar to stretch it a little farther.  I filled the jar back up and got another container of the additional salsa.  It was a great flavor and added a little bit more to something that is usually much more expensive.

Pick up a jar of your favorite salsa (with a coupon if you are me) and add a jar of Rotel and see what you think.  This is what it looks like after it is blended.  We give it two thumbs up!!  If you haven't tried it, I promise you will like it!!!

I have my batch ready to go to make another batch of Salsa Sloppy Joes which are my new addiction.  YUM!

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  1. Good idea. thanks for linking up at Swap N Share Sunday
    Spatulas On Parade

    1. It made for some tasty salsa and I used it for Salsa sloppy joes, chicken sloppy joes and my husband ate some! We still have a bunch left so I know that we are going to be eating some more this holiday weekend!


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