Friday, April 26, 2013

Second try at HT Triples!!

My second trip to Harris Teeter was a lot better because I had cleaned out all of the expired coupons in my basket and made a list of all of the coupons that I had that could be tripled.  I also got to print a lot of the coupons that I needed to get some of the great deals.  The coupons were all fitting into the basket instead of casading on to the floor at the check out like I had happen on Wednesday :)

I used a rain check to get the Cinnamon Jacks and with coupons and evic coupons they were $0.50 for three boxes (or $0.16 each).  I grabbed some free Sister Schubert rolls, Muir Glen tomatoes, and Tetley tea.  I also got some more butter which was really needed since my stock up of butter was totally gone!!!  My husband begged me to get some more of the Quaker perfect portions which is his new favorite breakfast.

I was a little disappointed at the end because it turns out that they missed one of the $0.75 coupons which means that I didn't get $2.25 off but I guess those are the breaks with couponing because it is really hard to show some one the receipt and let them know that you would like that coupon taken off.  I think that I might just return one of the items with the $0.75 coupon and buy it again with the coupon to make sure it works this time :)

Total OOP $7.50
Total Savings $45.94 + $6.00 Cereal RC= $51.94

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