Friday, April 26, 2013

Quick Trip to Giant

We were totally out of lunch meat at our house which is near a crisis for my husband.  He loves his turkey (or turkey and ham) sandwiches for lunch.  I figure that making them at home saves money since he isn't eating out every day but getting a good deal on lunch meat is hard since you can't really stock up on it.  Lunch meat goes bad so quickly and then you are stuck paying whatever price it is when you need it.

I got lucky at Giant because they had two containers with the $1 off peelie.  I got the cashier and the customer service person opened another lane for me.  The sale price didn't come off so she walked over with me and then rang up the sale pricing manually which was another $2.32 off the regular price.  Then, my coupon and my bag credit!!

I was super excited to get such a great deal and make some sandwiches the next day for my husband's lunch.  Of course, these packages don't make a lot of sandwiches so it isn't going to make it through the coming week so I will have this process all over next week.

Total OOP $3.73 (on gift card so not out of budget)
Total Savings $5.37

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