Friday, April 26, 2013

Harris Teeter Triples...learning math all over again!!!

I can do Super Doubles in my sleep with changing coupons to the total value but starting on the first day of triples, I had to keep pulling out the calculator to figure out the math.  It has been so long since triples that I just wasn't ready.  I guess I need to do triple math during the year to stay limber :)

I was also away right before and did no couponing work to get ready.  My coupon basket was a mess with lots of expired coupons and overflowing.  I didn't have any lists organized on what coupons I had!!  I had nothing pulled out and ready to use!!  But I had to drag myself to the store quickly before running to physical therapy so I only had a little bit of time to work with. 

Here is what I got:

I used a rain check on Dixie Crystals Sugar and Land O Lakes Cage Free eggs but the rest were on sale this week.    The only things that worked out free were the sugar and the Mahatma Saffron Rice.  I didn't get a lot but I was glad that I got to go with the small amount of time in my schedule.

I got lots of great deals including the last minute addition of the Franks because the couponing manager at the store gave me his Franks coupon and got a ladder to get the bottle off the shelf :)  It pays to be nice to all the employees when they hand you coupons!!!

Total OOP $9.47
Total Savings $36.91 + $2.84 Sugar RC + $3.99 Eggs= $43.74

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