Saturday, January 12, 2013

Harris Teeter Super Doubles Day #7

Sad it was the last day but I was super happy to see some things back on the shelf that I wanted to get (and lots of free things).  I used the rain check on the McCain potatoes to get them for free after coupon.  I just found the Coffee Mate coupon which let me get the big and the small ones for free because they were Christmas clearance flavors!!  I got a free 3 pack of gum which was totally stocked so I guess not many people decided to get that freebie.  The only free cough drops left were the sugar free ones but I know that my grandmother with like those so I might save a few bags for her.

I grabbed more of the Cabot cheese which I am totally stocked up on now and actually had to reorganize the fridge to fit them all!!  We love cheese so they will all be used and hopefully last until the last great sale on cheese because that is something that is really expensive in a budget. 

I am really excited about the Sister Schubert's rolls because I really love having those in the freezer when we want to add a few to dinner or use them to make sliders.  I don't have any plans in the menu for them right now but I know that I am going to make good use of them.  Just in case dinner rolls aren't something you normally get, think about them as rolls for meals and then it might change you idea of usefulness :)

Lastly, I grabbed the California Pizza Kitchen deal since they were $5 each so after coupon they were $3.  I also needed something to spend my last Classico catalina so that I didn't let good money expire since they don't have a long expiration.  I was thinking about saving it to get milk when we needed it again but since Harris Teeter normal price is $4 for a gallon of milk, it would still be pretty pricey so I figured that I should just spend it and keep a few pizzas in the freezer (even if they are ones that my little man doesn't eat). 

I was still pleased with the total but kicking myself now that I didn't get the Smart Balance Milk that I said at the beginning of the sale would be what I get on the last day.  Of well, it is just the sadness of a woman who has to go out shopping tomorrow to get milk speaking.  I guess those are the breaks!! 

Total OOP $2.82
Total Savings $58.03


  1. I kinda wish we had a Harris Teeter here too! Super Doubles are awesome. Great savings trip!

    -Amy @

    1. I love Harris Teeter but it is also the only place that I have. The nearest Aldi's is 30-45 minutes away. Most of the stores here are so expensive so I live for Super Doubles!!


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