Saturday, January 12, 2013

Harris Teeter Super Doubles Day #6

I am so sorry that it took me forever to get this up but Super Doubles took a lot out of me and then my husband was sick so I had a lot less free time with two people to take care of :)  (I know that all of you out there with sick husbands know it is like having a second kid). 

For some reason this day at the store was back and forth for different transactions which I can't even remember to give you the reason but I think that I did a trip while my little guy was in school with two transactions to take advantage of the Classico deal and roll the catalina.  I did ask if it would be okay with customer service and they said yes and they were super stocked on the items that I was getting (and sadly had little else left in the store to entertain me).  Then, I went back when I got my little guy from school but that is only a guess from looking at the receipts since I really can't remember.

Transaction #1

Total OOP $1.70
Total Savings $30.69

Transaction #2

Total OOP $1.26
Total Savings $24.97

Transaction #3

This one should have been a better trip but I think that I was already used all of my couponing brain and my little guy had me distracted because the cashier didn't scan one of my coupons.  I should have noticed but I didn't look at the receipt until I was home.  I was going to go back and get the money back but it seemed like a long trip and I wasn't ready to get my little man back into the car for another trip without getting more groceries :)  Maybe that is the other reason that this took so long to get posted because I was not happy about how that transaction went...only a few dollars isn't going to make a big difference but I always seem to have issues with the soup coupons so I am blaming it on my love for Baked Potato Soup.

Total OOP $4.06
Total Savings $22.13

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