Saturday, January 12, 2013

Wegman's Shopping Trip

I ran to Wegman's with the little man.  First stop was the onion that I needed to make the Chicken Tortilla soup for this weekend.  I promised to pick up ground beef to make tacos which is why I went to Wegman's because they usually have the best price.  It was a little higher than the normal $1.99 per lb. with the new price of $2.19 per lb. but it still followed me home. 

My sick husband needed ginger ale, saltines, and loaf of bread.  I grabbed the Wegman's brand of everything which worked out much cheaper.  Along the way to the bread, I saw the Wegman's Mac and Cheese on sale for super cheap so we decided on six boxes.  These are my all time favorite mac and cheese so I was super excited to get some again.

Total OOP $20.02
Total Savings $0.96

I saved more because I would have had to pay more for the ground beef at other stores so it was a good sale.  Plus, bonus that my son fell asleep on the way home so I got to have a free few hours :)

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