Saturday, January 5, 2013

December Month End Budget Update

I can't believe how quickly this month has gone past and the whole year.  This month was cushioned by a $75 Walmart gift card, two $10 Giant gift cards, and one $10 Giant credit.  I used most of those credits towards things for the months groceries.  I still have $0.01 on my Giant gift card to use in the coming days.  Because of the over $100 in gift cards, I only spent $58.77 OOP with $307.23 in savings (not counting gift card savings and anything saved while using a gift card). 

My 2012 totals

January             $204.51
February           $160.57
March              $166.59
April                $104.85
May                $141.08
June                $108.71
July                 $59.38
August            $160.80
September      $216.51
October          $86.18
November       $171.50
December       $58.77

Total Yearly OOP $1639.45
Monthly Average $136.62

I started tracking my monthly totals in February 2011 to make sure that I was staying within a reasonable budget.  My monthly average over the 11 months in 2011 was $217.86.  Can you believe what a difference a year makes?  I saved over $81 per month over my first year tracking my budget.

I am going to continue with 2013 trying for an average of $160 per month to get food and other household goods for my family.  I feel that it has left us with enough food and enough challenges to stay within budget that we can do it again.  After cleaning out my freezer, I am prepared to start the coming year with a clean start.  I hope to share my trials and tribulations with you through out the year to hope to help you with any challenges that you are going through.  Good luck in the new year!!!

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