Friday, January 4, 2013

Harris Teeter Super Doubles Day #2

It is already turning into a blur of shopping and I haven't even posted the second trip to the store.  I said that there wasn't that much at the store that I needed but I seem to keep going back for more!!!  I found the Snackwell coupon which made those free (thanks to Homemaking Mom).  I got free Soft Scrub, Hershey's Chocolate, and Yoplait.  I got the $0.50 milk which we really needed so I am so glad to find that facebook coupon.  I did the deal with Kellogg's Special K cereal and Special K cracker chips and with the $2 discount for buying three items, those three items were only $0.24 total!!!  What a great trip with lots of things in the cart... minus stopping shopping for a bathroom break with the little one and then giving up.  I didn't get to use all the coupons that I had planned on but I still got some great deals.

Below is my son's check out which he actually did first before mine and he started grabbing some of my items too so I don't know what he actually ended up "buying."  He put his items up on the shelf next to the register while the cashier was dealing with the previous customer.  He handed each item to the cashier to scan.  Then, he handed him the coupons.  The cashier told me how much it was and I gave my little guy the change and he handed the cashier the change.  It was super cute and the cashier was so patient especially since he didn't even know us...sorry new cashier.  One of my normal cashiers and a customer service manager came over to talk to my little man too.  He was so well behaved even if he had chocolate cookie mess all over his face.

He was excited on our way to the car because he thought that he could have another package of chocolate cookies since he already had one when we were going through the store :)  I told him that these were to save for later.  He has been asking since then and I told him that when he ate a meal that he could have them but he seems to think that it would be good for breakfast too!!!

I checked out and the total seemed high but I figured that I would look at the receipt and figure it out.  I didn't get the evic coupons for the Advil or the Soft Scrub so customer service gave me the $2 back.  I got the wrong Listerine (because it still wasn't labeled so I picked the small one and the sale was on the bigger one) so I returned it and they gave me $5 back.

Total OOP $5.95 - $7 cash back= $1.05 money maker
Total Savings $56.35 + $7.00 cash back= $63.35

*I don't have a clue if I should count the $7 cash back in both places or take away the money saved from the items before adding it back in so I just added it in case I was suposed to... still can't figure it out.

Just great news that I have more money to spend on Harris Teeter tomorrow!!!!  Plus it is a school day so I get to go without a little one in tow so crossing my fingers for better results and not just better savings :)

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