Tuesday, January 8, 2013

CVS Trip for Kleenex 1/7

I still have some rolling ECBs from the Black Friday craziness (and rain checks) that I needed to spend.  We were totally out of tissues!!!  It is near crisis for this family because all three of us have congestion still hanging on from the previous winter cold.  I pulled out the cute slim packs that I got for free at CVS previous to hold us over until I could make it to the store. 

The coupon gods smiled down on me!!!  Lucky for me, I looked at the ad and they had two different Kleenex on sale for $0.99 per box.  Then, I checked my e-mail and saw that coupons.com had posted a new Kleenex coupon for $0.55/3.  I printed four coupons and was ready to roll.

I went to the store closest to my dentist appointment with only 30 minutes to spare.  I didn't know if I was going to get it fit in but it was the only time that I had with $2 ECBs expiring that day!  I scanned three boxes of tissues, then the coupon and then the ECBs and I was done with the first transaction.  It worked great and I used my change to pay at the self check out.  Also known as my permission to use up all my pennies since I don't have to hand them to a person :)  I only pay in cash if I have exact change because the machines are horrible at giving back change.

I did another transaction and had an issue with my card scanning and it scanned my old one which they say shouldn't work anymore and I don't use... I had to wait for the person to cancel the whole transaction so that I could start over and half of my coupons were already in the coupon thing so I had to wait for her to manually add them to the computer.  UGH!!!  I got it all rung up and shoved them into the smallest bag because I didn't grab an extra one from the car but I didn't have enough time to grab anything else.  I ran out the door with my two receipts very excited that I got everything that I needed. 

Also, when I scanned my card at the red box, I also got $2 ECBs (which I assume is quarterly awards).  I guess we got a lot of medicine this time around or that extra percentage really helped because I know that I haven't spent that much money at CVS recently.  Anyway, I was going to spend it on three more boxes of Kleenex but they didn't have any more with lotion and the expiration date was in February so I figure that if I hold on to it, I might find a deal worth getting later.  I still have a few days to worry about it and see if I am going to get some more Kleenex instead.

Total OOP $1.06
Total Savings $12.30

What a great price for 9 boxes of tissues!!!  Where else but CVS.  Sadly, down to only $2 ECBs but a trip well worth it :)

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