Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Harris Teeter Super Double #5

The most awesome trip ever!!!  Although these are starting to run together.  Some things were gone off the shelves and others had returned.  I got a bunch of freebies.  There was one Silk Fruit and Protein which are called "pink milk" in my house.  I used a rain check to get the Jimmy Dean Sausage crumbles for free with coupon.  I got four bags of Luden Vitamin C drops which were a great surprise since I thought I was going to be getting cough drops.  I grabbed two Yoplait yogurts which I have already eaten the other two that I got!!  I also found some of the Right Guard Total 5 soap still left on the shelf.  I got the Soft Scrub cleanser with the coupon and evic coupon ended up being a money maker.

There were some discounted value sized peppermint sugar cookie dough which was on sale 2/$4.  I used a $1.10/2 printable coupon.  There was an evic coupon for $1/2 which successful came off my receipt!!  I thought it made it free when I calculated in my head but it really made it $0.80 or $0.40 for each roll.  I wanted to cut them open the other night and try them with a spoon but I resisted.  I am going to make some for my son's birthday party.  I was thinking about just circles but I might try train shapes instead.

I grabbed two packages for Barilla Plus which I really like but I got so many packages of pasta for free for so long that I haven't gotten any in ages.  It seems like one of those things that I used to be able to get for free and now I have to pay for!!  These were $0.67 each after coupon.

I grabbed the Cabot Cheddar Cheese which was on sale for $2.27 and I used the coupon to get them for $0.27 each.  My fridge is really full with cheese so that I won't have to pay full price for a long time.  We go through a lot of cheese so I am super excited to have this family staple!!!

Then, I couldn't pass up the Classico deal because I have been rolling my $2 from the first time that I got it which I used again in this transaction and then got another one!!!  I love catalinas because they are something else special that you give to the cashier to make your total go down again.  I am super excited to start using the pesto and try the mac and cheese recipe (soon to be posted).

Total OOP $0.65
Total Savings $62.25 + $4.76 (Jimmy Dean Rain Check)= $67.01

I love when I get to pay for a few bags of groceries with pocket change.  I have been carrying my change bank back and forth to the store with me to use up lots of my change.  It is getting a little low now :)


  1. I am so happy to see you save! Love it!

    1. Especially on the cheese!!! The fridge is full and I still have more to post that I didn't get up so you will see the other two days soon. I can't believe that the fun is ending tonight but at least there is a break in the action to rest. I was hoping to go back tonight but didn't make it.


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