Thursday, November 8, 2012

October Cooking Update

I had a busy month trying different recipes in September and I decided to keep with my crazy schedule and head into the fall with the full kitchen of baked goods (with an effort to try some new dinners too).  I found a few new recipes that were really great!!  Check them out below and click on the link to see the original post with the recipe.  I hope that you try a few recipes and let me know what you think!

Rosemary Chicken with Egg Noodles  This has been a family favorite for ages but I realized that I didn't put this simple recipe on blog so I thought I should share this little recipe I made up because we had a rosemary plant at our new house 10 years ago!!

Baked Potato Soup-  This recipe was super easy and tasty!  I was sad when it was all gone and I am making it again soon.

Sloppy Chicken Joes- I found this recipe in my $5 Dinner cookbook that I got for Christmas and I finally got around to trying it and it was tasty.

Double Chocolate Chip Muffins (Amish starter)- These were tasty especially if you heated them up then they were super melty.

Gingerbread (Amish starter)- Might be the best bread that we have with the Amish starter!!! A must try!!!

New Chocolate Chip Cookies- They were super yummy and my husband said that I can make them from now on... YEAH!!!

Corn Bread Mix in a Jar- I did a quick post on how it helps to make things ahead of time so that you have "mixes" just like from the store.

Mexican (Spanish) Rice with Rotel Chicken- In my attempt to make it kid friendly, I took a little bit too much of the spice out but I thought it was a really good start and can't wait to make it again with a little more seasoning.

Sourdough Tomato Bread (Amish Starter)- After a lot of hard work, the bread was left to rise and it didn't :(

Philly Cheesesteak or French Dip Sloppy Joe- Two thumbs up from our house but we thought it tasted more like French Dip, than Cheesesteak.

Vanilla Pudding Mix-  I used this mix in my Amish Cinnamon bread and it turned out great.

Pumpkin Cinnamon Butter- We really enjoyed this in our pancakes!!

Frosted Chocolate Brownies (Amish starter)- I wouldn't make these again but I am sure my son will eat at least the frosting off the other brownies.

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