Monday, November 19, 2012

Menu Plan Monday 11/19

Monday- Olive Oil Pasta
Tuesday- Pizza with fries
Wednesday- Tacos with Mexican rice and corn bread
Thursday- Thanksgiving Dinner/leftovers
Friday- leftovers/ Grilled Pork Loin
Saturday- Kielbasa and hash browns/Whole Chickens with mac and cheese
Sunday- Turkey and Rice Soup/Spaghetti and meatballs

With company coming into town this week and a really full freezer (with not a lot of protein left), I am working with what I have to to get meals that work with our schedule.  I had over 11 whole chickens so I was working through those with at least one chicken meal a week which has made room for the turkeys in the freezer.  This week's whole chicken meal is going to be our second Thanksgiving dinner.  I am sure that I will clear out enough of the freezer to defrost it eventually (maybe not since I am planning on having a second turkey for Christmas)!!  I was surprised that I got through this much of this month with what we had in the freezer because I really thought that I was out last month but I am working with what I have for as long as I can.  Crossing my finger for one more week!!!

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