Monday, November 5, 2012

Harris Teeter Shopping Trip #5

Okay this trip was a little bit of a mess and I ended up doing it in two different transactions (actually three because I forgot to use the tomato paste coupon and they were expiring soon).  I left the house with half the coupons sitting on the printer!!  I looked through my bags, coupon basket and everything that I could think of and I was starting to question my sanity and look again when I decided to call home to have my husband check on the printer.  Thank goodness I did because they were on the printer!  I figured that I would grabbed what I could and count my coupons so that I could come back later in the day.

I was lucky to get a few more Yakisoba noodles, Halloween cookies, and Simply Pure milk.  The free truvia shelf was totally stocked so I grabbed one.  I got two more Cinnamon Chex and Newman's Own but the evics didn't come off so the manager added them on as another coupon.  Then I was on my way home to get my darn coupons!!  UGH!!!

I got the evic bread because my son had eaten his way through the last one with his toast habit.  I grabbed the Cure 81 one Ham with the new coupon which made it free!!  I got the Benecol butter (free) and the Can't Believe It's Not Butter ($0.19).  I got some Miracle Whip because my husband likes it on his turkey sandwiches after Thanksgiving and we through it out with the last power outage.  Sadly, this was $2.43 after coupons but I am just happy that I didn't pay full price and if I find it somewhere else, I can always return it.  I got two Gummy Vitamins for my husband.  They are normally $9.99 but on sale for $7.99.  The $2 coupon made them $3.99 each which seems like a good price until you see your total and wonder what you got :)

Then I got my receipt and added up all the coupons and I still had two left so I went back in and grabbed my two tomato paste for a total of $0.42 with tax.

Total OOP $15.53
Total Savings $76.29

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