Monday, November 5, 2012

Harris Teeter Shopping Trip #4

I got my evic specials for Land O' Lakes Eggs and Tide Detergent so I was off to the store to get my deals!!!  I had just bought the Tide the other day at the higher price and I accidently bought the wrong batteries :(  I started by returning the two items and got $15.73 back on my credit card.  I never know how to count that with the lists that I do because it was off a previous purchase but I don't usually go back and write it in that post.  I change how I count it on my budget sheet each time so I guess I can't really decide anywhere :)

I was excited to see that there were still Benecol butter and Yakisoba noodles left so I grabbed the coupon limit on both because that made them all free.  I got the Truvia which was a moneymaker with the evic coupon (which didn't come off and the manager overrode the register and put the credit on so that I didn't have to go to customer service and get money back... wasn't that really nice!!!)

I only had the $0.35 coupon off the eggs but it made them $1.27 so I figured that it was an okay price even though I have been getting the Eggland's Best for much better but we were getting low so I might have been worried that I would have to spend full price and we would have to go without :)

We are stocking up on batteries just in case since the holidays are right around the corner!!  They are always needed and we bought two 10 packs last year and they are all gone.  I really want to get the rechargeable ones but the price is out of this world high.  These 4 packs were $0.99 after coupon so it worked out to $0.25 per battery.  That seems high but other than working them into a deal at CVS, I haven't seen a lot of great deals on batteries.  Does anyone know what a good price on batteries are?? 

Total OOP $28.25
Total Savings $72.70

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