Monday, November 5, 2012

Harris Teeter Shopping Trip #3

I posted my first two trip to Harris Teeter in a timely fashion and then I was too far behind to keep up.  I was busy cutting coupons and cleaning out my coupon basket.  I guess I was just excited to have gotten it and made it home in one piece.  I did have a little headache at the store though...other then them being out of lots of things, my evic coupons didn't come off!!!  UGH!!! 

I got some interesting deals on this trip.  I had one coupon left for the sprinkles so I got those two little jars for $0.07 each.  I was really happy with all of my cereal purchases.  I got a few more free benecol butter and Wholly Salsa.  I also grabbed the Newman's Own Chicken Parm (which was really yummy) and was on sale for $6.99 and I had $1 coupon and two $1 evic coupons.  That calculates to $2.99 after all was done instead of $8.59 original price and a bargain for a busy night.

Then, I grabbed the Pillsbury Halloween cookies which were on sale for $1.50 and I used the $1.10/2 printable coupon (I think it was from Betty which doubled so they were only $0.40 each.  In addition, I had a coupon to get $2 off milk when I bought two cookies which doubled to get free milk (plus overage because it had to be entered manually).  Plus, I had a evic coupon and I got another $1/2 but it had to be manually taken.  YEAH!!  I used the facebook coupon to get the Nestle Tollhouse cookie dough but it ended up being $0.29 each but they seemed like a fun treat!!  I probably should have put them back but I have already eaten one package.

Total OOP $20.93 - $4.51 (cash back from evic coupons)= $16.42
Total Savings $78.23 + 6.66 (rain check for Rice Krispies) + 4.51 (cash back)= $89.40

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