Monday, November 5, 2012

Menu Plan Monday 11/5

Monday- Pork Chops with garlc butter sauce and egg noodles (trying a new recipe)
Tuesday- Rosemary chicken and Potatoes
Wednesday- Whole Chicken
Thursday- Something made with chicken cubes- either fajitas or stir fry
Friday- Sausage Penne
Saturday- Leftovers/??
Sunday- Leftovers/Homemade Pizza

I am finishing up the boneless chicken in the fridge this week.  It doesn't really free up a lot of room but hopefully I will work through the list and make some room for a turkey or two on sale.  Is it sad that I want a second freezer!!!  I might need to figure out how to best defrost this one quickly and refill to get things a little more organized but I am hoping that we will eat through some of the goodies in there so that it will be able to moved around and cleaned out soon!!  Hope that you have a yummy week planned and I can't wait to hear about it :)

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