Sunday, February 5, 2012

Menu Plan Monday 2/6/12

Monday- ???  I should know what we are having tomorrow but I am too tired and stuffed with pizza, cheesy bread, chips, and cheese dip.... I will fall asleep thinking about it I guess but it is looking like leftovers.
Tuesday- Orange Poppyseed with cous cous
Wednesday- Chicken and Rice Casserole
Thursday- Rosemary Chicken with egg noodles and garlic rolls (my parents come to stay)
Friday- Tacos with saffron rice and corn bread (my parents are here)
Saturday- Homemade Pizza/Take out Chinese (my parents and cousin are here)
Sunday- Girls Lunch and leftover Chinese for boys/Spiedies Chicken with white rice and corn (my parents and cousin are here)

It is a busy week with family coming into town so I am going to try to make the corn bread (haha- see I wrote this before and then I must have been thinking about it since I made corn bread on Saturday night) and other snacks on Wednesday while my son is at preschool to be ready for their arrival.  I might be changing Sunday night to a crock pot Autumn Chicken meal that I found in my new cook book that cooks for 8 hours while we are gone so that I don't have to worry about anything when I come home.  I have to see what happens with the grocery shopping and then I will know better if I have all the ingredients to pull it off :)

********Tuesday Update:  Monday we had the Whole Chicken under a brick with cous cous.  Tuesday we had a Pizza Roll.  I posted both with pictures so wanted to make sure that I updated the menu plan.


  1. If I weren't going to DC On Thursday I would TOTALLY be showing up for dinner!

  2. HAHA!! I know that it is your favorite so if there are any leftovers I will put your name on them :)


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