Tuesday, May 22, 2018

April Reading Review

I try to read lots of books every month and I never know where they are going to come from.  When I started this journey, I kept a running list of the books that I was going to read for the year which was a mix of books from the library and books from home.  After awhile, I realized that I follow the author through the series so it is hard to say what I am going to be reading because it is totally dependent on new releases and what the library carries.  I have made an effort this month to stop getting books from the library and read through those on my shelf because the books not read and the books read are getting confused and I want to make sure that I don't miss any because I have put them off for so long.  I also realized that in the busy weeks that I had at the beginning of the month, I forgot to post this so sorry this is late!!

Here are all the books that I have read for the month of April and if you click on the title it will bring you back to my original post with the summary and my review of the book.  I have enjoyed a variety throughout the year and set a goal to read at least 100 but trying for over 150.  Here is hoping that I stay on track!!

by Brenda Child

by Lois Richer

by Lois Richer

by Dakota Cassidy
by Kathie DeNosky
by Robyn Carr

The First Kiss of Spring
by Emily March

The Marriage Bargain
by Jennifer Probst

Total Books 2018

January   8
February  10
 March    10
April     11

Total Read   39

Currently Reading:


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