Monday, July 24, 2017

Menu Plan Monday 7/24

Monday- Chicken fries, Buffalo Popcorn Chicken with homemade fries
Tuesday- Ground Beef Tacos
Wednesday- Whole Chicken Butchered and Grilled with white rice
Thursday- Pasta
Friday- Leftovers
Saturday- Leftover Breadcrumbs Spicy Honey Mustard Chicken with mac and cheese
Sunday- ??

Trying to get back to the normal schedule here after vacation and it was a tough week because I wasn't the greatest at getting things going with the cooking, baking and unpacking.  I did what seemed like a million loads of laundry and dishes.  We are running out of food in the house and still haven't made it to the store except to grab some milk and a few small things. 

I feel like if I hold out going to the store that maybe they will finish the last of everything around the house but it isn't going well.  My son ended up eating goldfish crackers for breakfast for the last few days instead of eating the cereal that I have for him or his oatmeal.  There are at least five or six bags of chips in the cupboard all open with barely any left but no one is touching them so I guess they might soon be my leftover bread crumbs on some chicken tenders.  I guess I should give up and go to the store because it isn't working yet.

I made everything on the menu last week except when we got to the end of the week we didn't have any leftovers at the end of the week.  I was very close to calling my husband and telling him to bring a pizza to the pool so we could swim and not have dinner.  I knew that we already spent the month on take out so I tried to find something easy to make.  I ended up making meatball sliders with the a can of diced tomatoes that I blended to make the sauce and then I buttered and toasted some homemade rolls and we had a side of mac and cheese because my son wanted it.  I made pancakes for Saturday night.  I made Grilled Worcestershire Chicken with yellow rice on Sunday.

I looked in the freezer to see what I had for next month's planning.  I have 3 bags of Ground Beef, 3 Chicken Tenders, 1 Spiedies Marinated Chicken, 1 Worcestershire Chicken, 1 Whole Chicken and some meatballs.  I got the August plan written down except the weekends and used almost all of the food except one bag of chicken tenders.  I am sure that I can make it through with a few additions on the weekends without too much more for the month but sadly, I might have tapped out most of the reserves in the freezer and pantry.  The great news is that my son will be back in school so I might get some time to some great couponing in the coming month.  Cross your fingers and wish me luck!!!


  1. "Whole Chicken Butchered" sounds so... violent! Were you really annoyed by not having much food to plan with when you wrote your menu, Alison? LOL.

    Good on you for not asking your husband to get a pizza! I have a free pizza reward at Domino's and boy, I'd love to redeem it but I know that if I do, I'll just eat the whole darn pizza on my own, so I'm holding off.

    I also have too many bags of chips and pretzels in the pantry and since I don't even buy those very often, I'm trying to figure out what happened. The family will open a bag but not finish it and it drives me nuts. I really don't bread chicken or other meats all that often so I can't really use them for that. I need to clear out that corner of the pantry (it's on the floor, in a dark corner so maybe why no one ever thinks to actually look to see if a bag is already open instead of opening a new one?) and resolve to just not using that corner anymore. Ugh. My pantry is so full, I don't even know where else I could stash the one bag of pretzels that I endeavor to keep on hand from now on... I really REALLY need to go on a pantry challenge.

    Anyhoo, good luck this week! When does school start again for you? It's August 10 for Youngest Son... which means I'll need to start waking up at 6:00 a.m. again and drive him to school (seeing that I still don't trust the bus driver to pick up on time), not looking forward to it although it'll be nice to have a routine again. Have a great week!

    1. I usually use up all the whole chickens in the fridge during the winter months but this time I didn't. Since I don't want to heat up the house, I have been cutting them down and grilling the pieces with a little beer can chicken dry rub that I got for free and free salad dressing. It makes a super tasty dinner with leftovers so I can make another meal later in the week. I actually have perfected doing the whole thing with scissors.

      I am glad that I didn't get the pizza but the laziness did want to win out over my making a meal but luckily I got the meal on the table with things in the house. Good job holding off on the pizza because I know that I would eat it all too but the good news is that you could get your own with whatever you wanted :)

      I ground up a bunch of chips that they didn't want to eat to coat some chicken. I use it on my spicy honey mustard chicken or my chicken and rice casserole and it makes them very tasty. I highly recommend trying sometime.

      School starts here August 28th which is long before it normally starts because they changed our start time. We only had 9 weeks this summer :( We don't start until 9:20 so even then we don't have an early rise!!!

  2. You have your August meal plan written down already?? You are one very organized lady. I am finding it difficult even now to figure out a week in advance.

    Good for you coming up with a terrific meal instead of ordering in. You saved money and it probably took less time.

    1. I was pretty proud to get ahead and get the August meal plan down but I kind of went with the easy plan that everything has a day like my sons favorite meal on Monday, Pasta Tuesday, Ground Beef Wednesday, Grilled Chicken Thursday and Leftover Friday. It made for only a few changes in the month based on what I was going to make with those items. It is nice because it spreads out a few meals so we are only eating them once a week. I still have the weekends to deal with and I think that I will come up with a few ideas but I am not sure what else is left in the house so it is normally something to use up what is left and try to stretch my creativity (and not ordering out). Normally I end up going more week by week but when I actually have lots of the food already in the house, it makes it easy to write it all down at once....adding more details before it is time to make the meal.


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