Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Changing Habits Book Review

I grabbed a bunch of books off one shelf at the library to get ready for a trip because I would hate to be caught without lots of books!!  Changing Habits by Debbie Macomber was the first book that I read and the last that I wrote up the review on.  It took awhile for me to get caught up with all the books that I read over my short vacation and I ended up writing up stuff all out of order.  I figure that as long as I tell you about it, I am doing a good enough job.

They were sisters once.  In a more innocent time, three girls enter the convent. Angelina, Kathleen and Joanna come from very different backgrounds, but they have one thing in common—the desire to join a religious order. Despite the seclusion of the convent house in Minneapolis, they're not immune to what's happening around them, and each sister faces an unexpected crisis of faith. Ultimately Angie, Kathleen and Joanna all leave the sisterhood, abandoning the convent for the exciting and confusing world outside. The world of choices to be made, of risks to be taken. Of men and romantic love. The world of ordinary women….

I didn't read anything about this book before I started except to learn that it wasn't part of a series so I was excited to read it.  The Habits in the title were referring to main characters become nuns which was a little bit of a shock to me.  Each chapter followed one of the girls at the same time while they were deciding to join the convent and I was a little confused because it kept going back and forth between the characters but luckily, I caught on after awhile.  It was one of those books that was easier to read a big chunk of it together instead of putting down and picking up so that you have to keep trying to remember which one was which.  Angelina, Kathleen and Joanna all joined the same convent and this book follows their struggles and path to get there.  On the other side, they all end up leaving the sisterhood because of different problems but the story ends with a wonderful reunion of these three friends and many more that they met through their journey.  I hope that you check out this book and enjoy it because it is so different then other books.  I really enjoyed the change of pace.

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