Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Middle of the Month Budget Update for June

For those of you new to my blog, I  track all of my monthly spending for all my household expenses.  I try my hardest to keep my grocery and household goods spending under $160 per month for our family of 3.  We also like to have occasional treats out like pizza, ice cream or other take out so we budget $40 for that.  Together, I am excited to stay under $200 for the month for both expenses which helps us stay under budget for all of our monthly expenses.

I can't believe that it is already the middle of the month.  I have been shopping but I don't think that it is too bad because I had a lot of couponing to start off the month.  We are getting low on a few things so I am trying to get creative and use what we have so that we don't have to stock up on too many meats and expensive things this month but I don't know how that will go.  I did work a lot with summer camp because it requires more preparation and clean up so I didn't have a change to make homemade things that I normally do so we were running really low on lots of things that we needed.

Harris Teeter $8.87

I got lots of free stuff including the shampoo, tea, gum, sausage and pizza crust but I paid for the cheese, olive oil and vitamins.  It was great to get so much for free but the olive oil was about half of the total so it was a lot more then I was planning on when I went to the store but less than it could have been.

Harris Teeter  $1.37

I got a bunch of free stuff like the shampoo, gun, tea, candy, sausage, and pizza crust.  I paid only for the cheese and the Zatarain's rice but I think that I got a little overage with the override on the pizza crust so it was almost all tax!!

Harris Teeter $4.34

My husbands shampoo was on sale and I had a coupon and it was super doubles so I felt like I had to get them.  When I went to put them away, I realized I already had two so we really shouldn't need any shampoo for ages especially with these huge bottles!!!

Aldi $32.86

I went mainly for milk and there was only a few minutes to shop so I grabbed as much as I thought we needed.  I got a ton more then I probably needed but it was supposed to keep me out of the store.... I guess it did but only for about 5 days.

Harris Teeter $7.26

I got an evic deal for a free Lara bar so I grabbed one and the last four boxes of Granola Bars on the shelf because there was another evic deal for $1.77 each for 4 boxes.  My son only had two left from the last stock up so I grabbed my limit and all that they had at the store.  Sadly, they are almost all gone and I need to get more already but at least they were low priced.

Aldi $7.26

Went to the store with my son to grab some treats for a pool play date that we had and some stuff to get us through the week.  Although I probably didn't need all the junk food, I was happy to have some special snacks for the pool.  We were out of ice cream sandwiches already after only five days.  All three of us love these nice treats after a long day so they are going quickly with only 12 in a box.  I might have to stop being silly and just buy two boxes!!!

Target $9.26 +5.93= $15.19 used Gift Card $0 OOP

We went to Target and my son picked out the Pringles for our special treat which we almost finished on the way home.  He wanted to try a new vitamin so we got those and got the regular ones that we had just in case he didn't like the other ones.  I had a gift card so it was no money out of pocket which was a great addition to the budget this month.  I still have more left and I might go and grab some groceries with it but not over the weekend cause it is way too busy!!

Harris Teeter $0.53

They were out of the Mocktails so they replaced it with any Ocean Spray which was actually sort of sad because I had a coupon for the other one so I would have gotten more stuff for free.  I also qualified for the Taste and Tell so I got to pick free peanuts.  There were tons of flavors and if I picked only for me, I would have gone with the salt and vinegar but since I was sharing with my husband, I went with the crabby chesapeake flavor.  YUM!  I splurged and grabbed one of the Kellogg's fruit snacks that were on sale and they had peelies on the front so they were $0.50.  It was a little treat for the end of the school year for his lunchbox.

Total Retail $294.41
Total Savings $231.92
Total OOP $62.49

I am excited to have almost $100 left in my monthly budget and a long list of things that I am going to try to make over the weekend to get us ready for a full cupboard and lots of food in the house.  I am hoping that helps to use the rest of the money to stock up on things that are getting low in the cupboard but sales really determine what gets purchased so we will see how that goes!


  1. I had to laugh when I read that you ended up going back to Aldi after 5 days despite stocking up on your previous visit, LOL! It happened to me last week!

    But well done with all your buys, you continue to astound me with your mad couponing skills! Me, on the other hand, I continue to wonder why I bother clipping and printing coupons because I use so few of them nowadays. I haven't even been checking the Publix deals in the past few weeks because we have a ton of stuff to eat down anyway and my family seems to have slowed down in terms of how much we're all eating. Plus I guess I should start buying less stuff since my daughter will be moving away in a couple of months (sob).

    I hope you get some more great deals to maximize your remaining $100!

    1. The women at Aldi asked if I had everything once and I said, "I never know!" and she said "See you in a few days!!" I knew that I wasn't the only one that was there every few days. I grabbed extra things and it still wasn't what we ran out of so back to Aldi. The great thing is that a big trip to them is usually like $40 instead of $200.

      I have been so off the couponing bandwagon and not finding any deals because I wasn't really looking. I was too busy with work and family stuff that I wasn't getting out there to find them. I heard about super doubles and I decided that I was going to get lots of freebies. I am trying to go through all the cupboard and use up the things that we have left from previous freebies or deals so we have been getting through but it always takes more creativity and time on my part to get those things done. I have a few whole chickens left so I am butchering them and making grilled chicken out of all of it which is great but more time then taking a bag of chicken out of the freezer that has already been marinated. I hope that the work sets us up for a good summer because we tend to eat more junk in the summer like chips at the pool and ice cream at night so there needs to be room in the budget for that :)


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