Monday, June 19, 2017

Menu Plan Monday 6/19


Monday- Pasta with Pizza Bites
Tuesday- Chicken Fries, Buffalo Chicken with homemade fries
Wednesday-Grilled Chicken with white rice
Thursday-Tacos with yellow rice
Friday- Leftovers
Saturday- ?
Sunday- ?

Last week was busy but meals were right on track.  My son's favorite meal on Monday.  Two different leftover pasta meals and a homemade pizza on Tuesday.  Wednesday was spicy honey mustard breaded chicken (my son even ate one) and mac and cheese.  I chopped up the whole chicken on Thursday and put a little Italian dressing and beer can chicken seasoning.  It was yummy on the grill and cooked up pretty evenly with the way I butchered it.  We ate it with white rice and corn on the cob. YUM!  We had leftover pizza on Friday from my husband's work which was nice because I didn't have to do anything.  I was exhausted after two weeks of summer camp with my kids so I was excited for that fact.  Saturday was lunch on our own and I made a chopped salad with pan fried pepperoni, fresh corn on the cob and homemade croutons with the leftover grilled chicken for dinner.  It was a yummy treat made from lots of leftovers. On Sunday, I simple fried rice with the last of the leftover chicken and some frozen peas with the homemade chicken broth I made last week.

I have planned most of the food we have in the house to be made this month.  I have done great with butchering the whole chicken so that we can grill them and use them all so I might be doing this with the other ones because it wasn't that much work and made tons of food to have leftovers for a few meals.  I am also working on making lots of breadcrumbs from all the frozen bread in the freezer because we are totally out of them.  I took 6 bags of bread and made them into a little over one gallon size of breadcrumbs.  We are going to be set for awhile for sure!!! 

I am sure that I can clear out the freezer and maybe even get a chance to defrost this summer but I am still going to have to buy some more protein to get us through July and our vacation.  I normally stock up on lots of treats to take with us and I haven't made any plans to do that yet so I better get busy!!  I will have mostly chicken broth left in the freezer when I am done with my mission of cleaning out the freezer!!  I can easily store that in the two regular freezers that I have and defrost the big guy!!  My aim is end of July or beginning of August.  I guess we will see if I can get it done :)

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