Monday, May 8, 2017

Menu Plan Monday 5/8

Monday- Buffalo Grilled Chicken with white rice
Tuesday- Tacos
Wednesday- Pasta with meatball sliders
Thursday- Chicken fries, Buffalo Chicken with homemade fries
Friday- Leftover Night
Saturday- ??
Sunday- ??

Last week was a little bit of a blur with too many things going on like physical therapy, book fair at my son's school and special events at my school.  We made it through with the meals on the plan so thank goodness for the plan.  We talked on Saturday and decided on Chicken fries and french fries for my son and hamburger for my husband for dinner and then I made hash browns to cook in the morning for breakfast on Sunday and dinner was pancakes while watching a family movie.  We opted for Mulan and my son loved it!!  I woke up on Saturday totally sick so the weekend was the hardest part.  Hoping for a less crazy week but thinking that we are near the same with too many things planned and a sickness.  Already took out food to defrost so we should be able to make it happen with a mystery weekend where I still don't know what is going on.  Here is hoping that you have had a good week and enjoy another tasty week as well!!!


  1. I hope you feel better this morning! Being sick is no fun.

    1. I had a sore throat but now it is just the congestion. I am just sick of being sick!! Thanks for the well wishes!

  2. Sorry to hear you were sick, but hope you are recovering nicely. I can never meal plan more than a couple of days ahead, for some reason! But, then, it's only me, so it really doesn't matter, too much.

    1. I feel like I am getting better but I guess only time will tell. I wish that I could do only a few days but I am often left exhausted mid-week with no plan for the rest and then we just give up and I can't think of anything to make. Doing the whole month helps split up the meals for me like pasta and grilled chicken. I still have some missing meals this month that I need to get on including the weekends for sure. I am hoping that I get to it before we end up stuck with no food in the house :)


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