Friday, May 5, 2017

April Month End Shopping Update

This month has felt like I blinked and missed it.  I don't know what was going on but I guess that we were trying to get through the last week of school before spring break and then we were away and then we were just trying to settle in after being gone for a week.  We started soccer which is three times a week and things have just gotten crazy.  Shopping took a back seat and I didn't go looking for deals which was tough because we were running out of things in the freezer and pantry.  I came back from spring break and had to do a lot of cooking to catch up.

Aldi and Trader Joes $0

My mom bought all this stuff for us at the beginning of the month when she was here visiting.  She likes to spoil her grandson with things that I don't buy and she needed a few things for herself also pictured which she took home with her but we did a good job eating lots of the stuff here already.

Target $32.65

I went to the store to pick up a few things for my son's easter basket including jelly beans, chocolate bunny, toys and I put some of his vitamins in the cart to because they were on sale and their was a cartwheel.  I wasn't sure what I got when I looked at the total later but I put a bunch of things in the cart without coupons!!  UGH!!  I also didn't even take a picture but I bought an incredibly overpriced chocolate bunny that I knew he wouldn't eat and it melted before Easter :(

Rite Aid $7.49

Wegman's $17.10

My husband took my son and cousin to Wegman's to get breakfast and some other treats.  I sent them with a coupon for a free case of soda and I know that they came home with Gatorade too.  I am sure it could have been worse....shown by my Target trip :)

Aldi $2.04

Wegman's $24.80

My husband and son were headed out to the dump to drop off logs and pick up mulch so they kindly stopped and got these groceries and sent me a picture of the cart.  When he got home, he said that I didn't need a picture because I had the picture from the cart :)  For some reason my son is sitting under the cart if you see his little bottom and shirt because the mac and cheese.

Aldi $27.87

I went a little crazy at the store but I made a list and got everything on the list.  We were totally out of a lot so I grabbed oyster crackers, pringles, pretzels, tortilla chips, wheat things, rosemary triscuits, and eggs.  We were running low on cheese so I stocked back up on it and lunch meat.  I put one tub of margarine in because we just opened the last one.  I splurged and bought garlic herb cheese spread because I haven't had laughing cow in awhile and I thought it would make a tasty lunch.

Harris Teeter $9.01

I was excited to have time to make it to the store to use my rain check for hot sauce that I wasn't able to use a rain check any more because they are changing their process with rain checks and the coupons expired on 4/29 so I just barely made it.  I got an amazing check out clerk who was super helpful (although she had been with the company since 2004 and wants to quit because they wouldn't let her transfer to another store).  I got three packages of yeast for $0.09 each after coupon which expires on 4/30 and this was my first chance to use it.  I got the evic price for the eggs for $0.87 because they were way more at Aldi's when I was there.  I also got the deal on the cereal so they were $0.97 each after sale and coupon.  I paid $1 for each pack of the ramen noodles because we were almost out and they are good little lunch for my husband especially when he is feeling under the weather.  We were out of stick margarine and it was sadly $0.97 each but I grabbed two because it is the same price at Aldi.

Aldi $10.51

I wasn't expecting to stop at Aldi but we were picking up my husband's car from the shop so we would pass it on the way home.  We needed milk so it was super easy to pull in and there were four lanes open and lines were out of control.  While in line, I grabbed rice and threw it in the cart.  My husband grabbed pepperoni and my son picked out two ice cream treats after our incredibly hot day mostly outside.

 Total OOP $131.47

I am pretty happy with the outcome of the month even though I know that I could have done better getting deals and stocking up on things at rock bottom prices.  I just sorted through over 9 coupon inserts that I hadn't cut this month so I am hoping that this work and a little hunting around next month will improve my shopping deals even though a lot of coupons went straight to recycling.  Sadly, even found a coupon on the jelly beans that I bought and left in the car that we didn't bring to Target.  If I was a little more together, I could have even gone back and gotten the money back later but I didn't :(  Life was busy and I still made it under budget so that was the best accomplishment.  

Here is hoping that you have had a great month too and gotten lots of great deals!! 


  1. Sounds like you did very well, after all, coming under budget and everything. Sometimes, we need to give ourselves a break! So sorry the chocolate bunny melted!

    1. It is a bummer that the chocolate melted but not surprising since it was so warm everywhere we went over break. I think that I did okay coming in so far under budget but here is hoping that I get on the couponing bandwagon again and stock up because we are certainly in need of that!! It gets harder in the summer with all the stuff going on and keeping up with my son!!


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