Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Month End Shopping Conclusion for March

I was really too busy in March and I don't know why but there didn't seem to ever be time to make it to the store.  I know that I am too busy when I look at the trips to the store and it is mostly Aldi and not a lot of couponing. I did fit in a little Harris Teeter but certainly short trips.  I tried to get stuff on rain checks but they denied my rain check (insert eye roll here) because they thought it was a copy.  I explained it but they had an attitude so we are still out of hot sauce until I can get to the other store to take it.

Aldi $21.68

Harris Teeter $19.07

Aldi $19.56

Aldi $2.53

Harris Teeter $18.81

The Frosted Flakes are $0.38 per box, the All Detergent was $0.97 each, and the Challenge Butter $0.50 each after sale and coupon.  There was a evic promotion for Ritz for $1.47 each and the Breyers Ice Cream for $2.57 and Cinnamon Toast Cereal $1.77 and Honey Nut Cheerios $1.77 which I paid without coupons.  There was a clearance on the Ibuprofen which we really needed so I grabbed it for $2.50.  We got the blackberries for $0.99 so that I could make muffins..yum!!  I also needed stick margarine which was $0.97.

I got free Chips Ahoy and free Cup of Noodles with the weekend promotion.  I used the sale and coupon to get free Challenge Cream Cheese.

Aldi $23.23

I stopped by to get a few things that we were running low or out of to fill the fridge, freezer and cupboard.  I couldn't remember what I needed to get because I left the list at home!!  I think that I got most of what I needed and some things that didn't even make the list.

Aldi $7.26

We ran in when we were already over there because my son wanted to get a special treat of some of his favorite Pringles.  We also grabbed the green beans that they had on sale for $0.69, 10 lbs potatoes for $3.49, and spaghetti which other then the green beans were what my son picked out that he wanted.  The next day we were planning on pasta and he said he wanted spaghetti but when I was cooking, he said that he wanted penne so the spaghetti is still sitting in the cupboard.  He was also pushing for ice cream but I just bought him some so we didn't get anymore.

Harris Teeter $26.64- $5.13= $21.51

I went to use my rain check for hot sauce that we really needed and they didn't have any.  I was super sad but I grabbed a head of lettuce because we were almost out.  I also found out that there were two deals on the granola bars (although they didn't ring up and I have to end up at customer service).  They were on sale for $2.50 per box but they were also buy two and get one free.  It only rang up once so they did it like a rain check for the three to ring up at zero but she didn't seem to ring up the cancellations correctly so it was supposed to be 12 boxes and she rang up 14.  It ended up being a great price.... even without a coupon.  GASP!  WHAT?  I went to Harris Teeter and didn't use a single coupon!  Still an amazing deal at $1.67 per box.

 Total Retail $272.79
Total Savings $139.14
Total OOP $133.65

I felt like I was sticking to the bare minimum for the last two months and didn't get too much but I still ended up being close to the budget when I added in to the few last trips of the month that were not anticipated.  I guess maybe I need to up my couponing to make sure that we have a little more in the cupboards for the coming months.


  1. Wait, did you get ALL those Cups of Noodles for free or is it just a picture of the display in the store?!

    1. Lol!! I got one free and that was the store display. I actually sent the picture to my husband to ask which kind. He went with chicken. There were four kinds of cookies but no pretty display 😉

  2. Your shopping trips are always ah-maze-ing! You really make use of sales AND coupons to get the best prices. Whenever I dash into a store to pick up needed items, it always seems to cost me an arm and a leg.I need to plan out my list carefully in advance with flyers in hand.

    1. LOL!!! I thought I did kind of badly this month and I was hoping to make it to Wegman's to get ground beef and mac and cheese so thanks for making me feel better about my shopping. I try to get the most of the least every month and I didn't think that I did a great job this month getting a lot even though I stayed under budget. I started a grocery list in my head last night now I just have to get it down on paper. I know that I need my lists too normally but I have a price book in my head so I know that I won't pay over a certain price for things so that helps me to grab things on the fly some times...not always.


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