Monday, April 3, 2017

Menu Plan Monday 4/3

Monday- Chicken fries, Buffalo Chicken (with leftover chicken) and homemade fries
Tuesday- Something with chicken tenders (maybe Spiedie Chicken with white rice)
Wednesday- Lasagna
Thursday- ??
Friday- Leftovers
Saturday- Little Caesars or Wendy's
Sunday- ??

I didn't get the April menu done so I didn't get a picture taken yet.  I am trying to make up this week and we will see how I do.  Last week my husband finally got a new truck.  His old truck was almost 20 years old so it was about time.  The value of the repairs was more then the value of the truck so we didn't fix it.  We looked at a used trucks for the last year and he didn't see anything that he wanted...until last week.  We went and looked at it and there was a few things wrong with it so we asked about the price of the new trucks and there was only a few thousands difference so we went with his first new car/truck!!  But that messed up the meal plan because we picked it up on Monday night.  We didn't get out of the dealership until late so we got a cheese steak and fries and headed home to eat it.  We ate all of meals one day back and we crossed through Friday night leftover night because we had dinner at friends house on Saturday instead.  On Sunday I chopped up the whole chicken to make it into two meals.  I cooked the thigh, drumstick and wing with seasoning in a pan on the stove for my husband's lunch.  He enjoyed it a lot even though I was going to put it with rice...he ate just the chicken.  I saved the breast and tender for dinner and made spicy honey mustard chicken and we had rice.  I had leftover chicken so I am going to make that into buffalo tonight.

I went through the freezer again (partly because I lost my list and partly to double check) and I hope to get the menu filled out soon.  We are going to play it by ear over Spring Break because we are all going to be out of school and work for a family vacation.  I don't know what we are doing what day so I don't know what we are going to eat but I look forward to figuring it out as we go.  I have the rest of the day to figure out the menu going forward :)


  1. Wow! Congratulations on getting a new vehicle. How exciting. If it lasts as long as the old truck (20 years!!!!), it is money well spent.

    1. It is exciting to have a new truck and will save lots on repairs for a long time. He bought his last truck used so we had it 13 or 14 years but we do keep vehicles forever!!! It is a great investment for us because it is cheaper then renting!!


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