Saturday, March 18, 2017

Can't Believe We Finally Got a Snow Day

The county decided the night before to close schools at 6:15 pm because the storm was rolling in.  I was thinking that we weren't going to have school but I was excited when they called it before we went to bed.  It is always hard to get woken up by text messages saying you can go back to sleep!!  This is actually the first big snow fall that we have had this winter and the first snow day so it was excitement in our house!

I started a list for everyone in the house of what we needed to get done over our day off.  Does that take away the fun??  Probably but I have things that I need to do to catch up and this is the day to get those done.

I started by rinsing all the dishes and filling the dishwasher before I made a mess of the kitchen.  My husband says that I always wait until the kitchen is totally clean to mess it up again.  I cleaned it all yesterday so I figured that it was my prerogative to make it a mess.  I got all the ingredients into the bread machine for cinnamon rolls because they have been on my list to make since we ran out.

I started a pot of sausage spaghetti sauce on the stove and mixed the filling for the lasagna so that I could put that together when the sauce was ready!!  I still need to grate the cheese and while the cheese grater is dirty, I am going to grate the cheese for tacos that we are having this week.

I made up two corn bread mixes, two scone mixes and one beer bread mix because all of the jars in my cupboard were empty.  I like having the things that I make most often easy to access so that all the dry ingredients are quick to pick up and dump in like a box mix so that it saves me time when I am busy.  I just use wide mouth mason jars and a canning funnel to fill them easily.

I filled all the dishes that I dirtied with my process and started the dishwasher.  I didn't get to all the dishes but I did put them in a huge pile and emptied out the fry daddy to clean that as well so that it would be ready to go for next week's french fries.  I decided that it was a good time to take a break and for me to get a shower because I still had lots more on my list to do!  But then I got to putting together the cinnamon rolls, lunch for my son and husband and the lasagna so the shower was put on hold again.

I told my husband that if he got lots of chores done then I would make some chicken fried rice and I added my surprise peas that I got for free the other day when I was shopping and with the leftovers in the fridge for lunch.  His list was to change the water filter on the refrigerator, paint the second coat in the living room and then crush the cans for recycling.  LOL!!  I made him lunch before he did anything because he put things off so long.

I grated cheese for lasagna and used the grated to grate cheese for tacos later in the week.  At the same time, I mixed up ingredients for pizza bites that I planned on making before dinner.  I didn't get those made before dinner but since they were sitting in the fridge already mixed, I started making them later as it turned out much later for a really late dinner.

I finally got a shower and took my son out to play in the snow which my husband started shoveling.  So fast forward to 8:30 at night, my husband and we barely got anything done but we are both exhausted.  My son got most of his homework done and a few pages of his Hawaii state pages so he did great even though there are still a few things on his list.  Here is hoping for another snow day to finish all the activities on my list.

I decided that I was going to finally make the oyster crackers that have been in the cupboard for my husband so that he could enjoy them for his lunches for the upcoming week.  Adding seasoning that I already have around the house is a super cheap and tasty lunch treat.  I didn't get to making them until 9:35 pm!! Insert tear filled emoji here.

I also decided that making a pumpkin pie would be a good idea since we had all the ingredients.  I had store bought crusts that I froze and pumpkin and evaporated milk... plus I love pumpkin pie and with it being cold out, it is the perfect reason to bake!  YUM!  Well, I didn't get enough time to make them and I was trying to figure out how much more I could make because I was down to 3 eggs!!!  Snow day for the win!  I might have to go back to the store because I didn't think that I was going to go crazy with eggs.

I was hoping to get a lot more done but that is what always happens when I make a list because I think that I have all the time in the world.  My list to get done in one day usually takes a week!!  Do you have that problem too??  My list was bigger then my energy could do!!!


  1. You got a lot done! I am always making too long to do lists! Definitely run out of energy before I get even half way through the list! I think we both need to make shorter to do lists!

    1. Shorter lists would be great. It took me the whole week to recover from this one day. I made a mess of everything. I think that we are finally cleaned up and I am ready to head back into the kitchen. The great news is that I only have three eggs so I can't get into too much trouble.

  2. Alison you got so much done!!! Quite the snow day for you guys! Great job!!!! I make long lists when I feel energetic and always write down more than humanly possible - and, in turn, get frustrated when it doesn't all get done! LOL Have a nice Sunday!

    1. Lists help me stay focused but they also seem to be way more then I can do in a day. I just made the pumpkin pie for us to eat since everything else is almost gone. I only have one egg left!!! My son wanted another batch of cinnamon rolls since they finished the last one but I need another egg!! UGH! I guess I have make it to the store! My list was much shorter today since I am just trying to recover from doing too much for my snow day off. We even got to sled and hang out with friends. Hope you have a good Sunday too!!


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