Saturday, January 21, 2017

Blew the Budget and then some!! Will this month ever end?!

I posted recently about how I was over budget already and a little disappointed that I couldn't get it together for the first month of the year.  Well, I have already been back to the store twice!!

Harris Teeter $6.60

I went to the store because they were having a deal on Coke and we were totally out.  I know that it is not an urgent crisis and we certainly would have made it through without it.  This has become our treat at the end of a long day to sit back and enjoy a soda and I got two free coupons from the Coke Rewards before Christmas.  The sale was buy two, get three free so I used my two coupons (maximum value $4.99 each) and got all 5 cases for $4.  I love the Laughing Cow Cheese and I bought the Aldi's brand before for me to have lunch at work.  These are shelf price $3.99 and they were on sale for buy one, get one and I had two $0.75 off coupons which doubled so they were $0.50 each.  I grabbed the brownies for my son's lunch which were $1.79 less $1.10 coupon so I thought that it was worth $0.69 which is sadly why I am grossly over budget this month because we totally didn't need these.  I got the onion for $0.47 and turned it in for a $0.25 rebate from Ibotta and I will get another $0.25 from Saving Star so it is a money maker. 

Aldi $13.88

We needed milk and I grabbed two packages of lunch meat which should last us through the next month (hopefully).  My son decided that we had to have potatoes.  I grabbed the crackers for my lunch to go with the Laughing Cow I just bought.  My husband wanted some bananas for breakfast since they were on sale, I got a small bunch.  I turned in a Mobi Save rebate for $0.10 for the bananas.

Total Retail $65.52
Total Savings $45.04
Total OOP $20.48

Monthly Total Retail $633.58
Monthly Total Savings $422.56
Monthly Total OOP $211.02

I am now $51.02 over my $160 monthly budget with 10 more days in the month.  I am hoping that this means that there are no more purchases that need to happen but I certainly know that isn't the case.  I hope that this means that February being a short month will lead to a total under $100 to even out!!  Horrible start to the year but hoping that it will lead to less spending going forward.

How are you doing so far this month??  Hopefully better then me!!


  1. It makes sense to stock up when the prices are low, as long as the overall budget allows you to do so. Excellent prices on the things you bought!

    I went grocery shopping again, last Thursday and spent $5.25 on a pint of milk, a box of mac and cheese, grapes, a mango, and a bread roll. My total for this month is up to $14.76.

    1. Love your total!!! I think that I might need to keep you doing my shopping! I know that the prices that I got were good but I think that I went a little overboard on what I purchased. Here is hoping that I keep it way more under control next month.


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