Thursday, January 19, 2017

Back to the Shopping Trips!

I thought that I got so much at Super Doubles that I was going to stay out of the stores more but that wasn't the case at all.  I was at Aldi right after super doubles was over.  There were so many good deals this month that I couldn't help but make it to the store and spend a lot of money.  I posted all my super double trips and here is what else I have been doing this month and the money that I spent.

Aldi $11.73

I went to get turkey and pepperoni but also decided to get rice, chips and apples because we were running low.  I couldn't remember about the powdered sugar and my son's birthday cupcakes had to have frosting so I grabbed a just in case bag.  Turns out that I had enough but I used all of what I had so I guess it was a good choice to get.  If I hadn't of gotten it, I would have needed it for sure!

Wegman's $25.96

I took my son for a few errands and decided since I was close I would run by Wegman's to get my ground beef.  I found that the chicken was also on sale for $1.88 per pound so I grabbed that too.  The mac and cheese was on sale for $0.33 each so I bought three instead of the case (which works out to $0.32 per box) which I had been doing before but I hope that we get to enjoy these soon.

Harris Teeter $26.99

There was an electronic special loaded on my card for $1.77 for granola bars limit 4 so I was trying to decide whether it would be worth it to buy enough to use two coupons because there is currently a coupon for $1/3 and when I got to the store, they were on sale for $2 so I grabbed 9 and used three coupons.  There was another electronic deal for some Kelloggs cereal at $1.97 so I grabbed the ones that I had the coupon for so I used $1/2 for both sets of cereal and there was another $1/2 electronic coupon which I had to have adjusted at customer service but I ended up paying $1.10 per box.  The cranberry juice was on sale for $2 each so I grabbed a few more.  The margarine was on sale for $0.77 which is cheaper then I have been getting it and Aldi's seems to carry a way more expensive brand here now.  I added the Annie's mac and cheese which was free after sale, coupon and electronic coupon.  The Special K bars were $0.50 so I splurged and added something for me at the end of the shopping trip!!

Harris Teeter $42.65

My car was out of gas and I knew that I wouldn't have time to fill it the next day before work so I dragged myself out to get gas and grabbed 9 more boxes of granola bars because the sale and coupon made them $1.67 per box (way better then the $3.49 shelf price that made me choke).  The toilet paper deal was something that I had been thinking about because it was normally $15.99 shelf price and it was on sale for $12.99 but I got a electronic deal that it was $9.97.  In addition, I had a printable coupon for $1.50 off 18 pack so I got them for $8.47 which was $0.47 per roll.  That is a great price since the shelf price makes them nearly $0.89 per roll.  I had three coupons so I got three packages of toilet paper which blew my monthly budget.

Total Retail $199.35
Total Savings $92.02
Total OOP $107.33

Monthly Total Retail $568.06
Monthly Total Savings $377.52
Monthly Total OOP $190.54

I seem to have been over shopping and already went over my monthly budget.  I am a little sad that I went over on the first month of the new year but I know that I got a great deal on the toilet paper with the sale and the coupon for $1.50 off which is very rare.  I also got 18 boxes of granola bars but they were also an amazing deal with a coupon that was quickly expiring.  I only made it to the store for the second time to get the last trip because my husband couldn't fill my gas tank and since I was already out, I stopped at the store.  I didn't look at the amount of money I spent so far in the month so that was also my downfall.

I am torn but I know that there is another deal to get Coke and I have free Coke coupons so I will be back in the store this month and I have already gone over my total.  Here is hoping that I use a little creativity and make a lot of meals and special things to keep the total down next month.  I certainly haven't had the time to make a lot of things yet this month but hoping things are turning around. I know that I have chicken, ground beef, and many more things to last for a long time but I will need milk and lunch meat soon.  I will certainly be grumpy spending even more then I have already this month!!

How are you doing this month??


  1. You did stock up on a lot of items that you guys use all the time. The trick will be to keep eating at the same levels and not eat more (I'm thinking granola bars because that's what my kids would do!) just because you have more in your pantry.

    As for me, I'm about $142 under budget for groceries only for the month so far and I only have 1 more week to shop in the month. That's including spending over $120 on whiskey so I think I did very well with the food purchases only. However on the Eating Out side of things, we're sitting at $114.81. It's much lower than it's been and also it includes 2 birthday celebrations and then Greg and I each had lunch with a friend. So far no eating out due to me being too lazy to cook, which is awesome, and since Greg is back on his diet, he is less likely to suggest we go out to eat after our walks (and me less likely to eagerly agree!). I would have also loved to start the year with much lower overall spending like I did in January last year, because that gave me a cushion for the whole year. So I'll have to keep being extra careful the rest of the year, and also keep working those SB so I can get regular Walmart gift cards, as much as it pains me to "pay" their prices when I shop there with my gift cards :)

    1. LOL!! MY husband said now that there are so many granola bars, maybe I can eat one....I gave him my grouchy face. No that is not what is means!! Should have hidden them before they saw them!! Grrrr!!!

      Starting the year off under budget is always good but I guess it wasn't in the cards for me. I told the customer service person at Harris Teeter that she hopefully won't see me for awhile because I am already well over my budget.

      I have been so bad at the SB over the holidays and it is just continuing to be the bare minimum every day with around 12-15 SB. Here is hoping that I get motivated with that because I just used all the money in the account for presents for other people. There is plenty more that needs to be purchased through there in the next few months!

      I don't know about the eating out budget here because we did do my son's birthday party with take out pizza which at least $25 and we had two meals out on our birthday weekend trip but those should be under $15. I am going to have to go check the credit card statement now and see :)

  2. I think it is hard to keep to a budget when one is stocking up. That's why I carry over any amounts leftover to the next month or deduct any amounts I went over, rather than start new, each month. But, as long as your overall budget allows you to go over a bit, then, I think it should all be well.

    I'm eating from my freezer and pantry for the most part, this month. As a result, I've spent a grand total of $9.51 on groceries (food only; I budget separately for household/toiletries, pet food, etc.), so far this month. I haven't eaten out yet, but I budget $25 per month for that.

    1. I certainly hadn't intended on buying that much stuff but the prices were so good and I couldn't help myself. The prices have been horrible on granola bars and toilet paper recently. Of course I also thought we were out of toilet paper but turns out I misunderstood my husband when he said uhhhohhh, we are out of toilet paper. That just meant that it was empty in the bathroom and he filled it. LOL!!! Lesson learned, check for yourself because there were two packages there so now we have nearly 76 rolls.

      Love the freezer and pantry challenge and it is amazing that you haven't even spent $10 yet this month!!! I know that will be me next month trying to recover from this month. I don't normally carry over the amount from month to month because it is sometimes best for me to put wins and losses behind me but my year usually works out under budget with high and low months. I am going to have to work on next month and stay out of the stores....even if the deals are too good to pass up!!! Maybe I can spend only $9.51 for February :)

  3. You can never have too much TP! When there is a good sale especially with coupons too I always stock up. I figure I'll be paying for it now or later and later it may cost me more. So in the long run it makes sense to go over by some and stock up. This goes for all things I normally get. This week I'll probably be out of the stores a bit more as they don't have sales for most things I use. So it all evens out. Take care.

    1. I am hoping for less sales to keep me out of the store :) Obviously I have been too many times. I know that I bought some treats this month too which was a little overboard but we were planning for my son's birthday party, birthday weekend and other fun things after the holidays so that there wasn't a big let down. I have already been to the store two more times so I obviously might have a problem. I need to go to couponers anonymous where I admit that I have a problem and I can't pass up a deal!!! We will totally use it and I am paying the lowest amount possible. I am thinking about a spending freeze for next month but it makes me almost sick to think about missing all those good deals too ;) Actually, we might be stocked up for awhile so I won't have to worry. I am in the kitchen now making spaghetti sauce and lasagna. I am going to have to make quick bread and muffins and cut chicken too so I think that it might be a long day catching up on the things at home!!


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